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Camera models and RAW files support in Capture One



  • Gbeb

    Is the Canon EOS R5 C not yet supported? Is it substantially different than the R5?

  • Roman Oberleitner

    Pentax K3 III still missing after one year

  • adeen

    Can we please get the Ricoh GRIIIx on the list of the supported cameras in the next build. Also the link for the camera support request no longer exists.

  • Paul Bechea


    My name is Paul Bechea and I use the Lumix S1R camera with S PRO lenses and Windows 11.
    I want to use Capture One Pro after using other programs and so I downloaded the free version, I like the way it is structured, the ease of use, and the advantages in editing compared to other programs.
    But it has a big disadvantage for me, I can't use Tethered / Live View, it doesn't support S PRO lens profiles, and also ICC Profile only recognizes Generic, it doesn't fully support color.
    Before I buy, I want to know if there is support for what I mentioned.


  • Adamski

    Look forward to when the Canon R5C is added to this list. How long did it take for the R5 to gain support?

  • Gbeb

    Hi Adamski

    Lily et al also maintain a list of projected, upcoming support which shows the R5C being integrated in July

    If you're in a rush and up for some command line usage, however, you can use exiftool to rewrite the camera model to Canon EOS R5. C1Pro will recognize the images then. I don't know if there is anything special about R5 vs R5C files. But, they look pretty good in our experiments. I must point out, however, that we are not doing this in production. We use other cameras for clients' still work.

    This video explains it:

  • denis chi

    Give support for new RAW formats for Sony A1 camera 

    Raw-S, Raw-M, Raw-L

    Capture One 15.3.1

    it's been 2 weeks since the camera can record these formats

    Adobe released an update to its apps on the same day.



  • Matthew Stough

    Denis, unfortunately my experience with Capture One is zero backward compatibility. New formats come in new versions…upgrade, subscribe, or be damned with PhaseOne software production and customer support. 

  • Paul Cox

    Is there an update on Ricoh GRIIIX support please?

  • Emilio garcia

    Hi, i am writing from mexico, and I have the Capture one 20 pro. 

    I have a new Canon r5 camera, and the Capture doesn't see the CR3, file of the R5

    What do I need to do?

    thanks for your answer. 

    Emilio Garcia


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