Sending the Capture One team a Feature Request



  • Robert Beeson

    I shoot strictly Nikon. Should I choose Capture one for Nikon, or Capture one  Pro?

    What is the difference?




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  • Lily

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for the comment.

    If you shoot only with Nikon and use the files from the Nikon camera models, then Capture One for Nikon should work fine for you.

    Please note that you will be able to upgrade from Capture One for Nikon to Capture One Pro anytime later if you would need to shoot with other camera models or edit files from other cameras.

    There is no difference in a feature set between Capture One Pro and Capture One for Nikon. The only difference is in the list of supported camera models and RAW files from those (Capture One for Nikon supports only the files from Nikon cameras listed here).

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  • Rachik Bouanani

    Hi Capture one Team,

    After years of using Capture One, I still miss a LR feature : Photo Stacking.

    Sometimes, we shoot few pictures of the same subject, but don't want to display them all, it will be nice to be able to stack them and promote one to be displayed.

    I also use it when I edit the photo in photoshop (or like), when the TIFF come back to CO catalogue, It will be nice to stack it with the RAW to hide it behind.

    This feature will make the display nicer, cleaner, airy and lot more efficient.

    Please make it happen 🙏

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