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Unable to open a Catalog



  • Mark Wyche

    My catalog is on the C: drive of my Windows 10 PC.  Had this problem after activating the Ransomware protection element of the virus & threat protection section of  Windows Security.

    Open this, if you have Ransomware Protection Turned on, open Manage Ransomware Protection

    Then open Allow an app through controlled folder acces


    It will show a list of Recently Blocked Apps - I found Capture One and a few others there.  You have the option to give permission for applications that you trust to access the protected spaces.  I did that for C1 - and now it all works again










  • stephan Bernhardt

    I have opend the Catalog on a MacBook and wenn i went beck to Windows , it is not posibel to open, on Mac ist is no problem? what can i do?

  • FujiShooter704

    I recently updated to 23, but I am not totally sure that is issue. When I try to open C1 it will load, then flash my catalog, flash the message that only one catalog can be open in Express, then crash.

    When I trry to select the catalog holding control, it will ask me to browse to find a catalog and then crash. If I open the Catalog from finder it does the same thing.

    The catalog is not locked and I have tried to re-install C1 with the exact same results, it crashes.

  • Jon Lord

    On mac, with the 'locked property' already unchecked: unable to open catalog on external drive.


    Plan B deleting the 'writelock' file as suggested worked a treat.




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