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Do you have Capture One for Linux?



  • Markus Iofcea

    I would also love to run Capture One on Linux. My System 76 Laptop is waiting. 

  • Nicolas Det


    Apple stoped covering the pro market and Windows is not great..

    I would really appreciate CaptureOne for Linux! Even for a pricely upgrade.

    -> You may only support the most popular distribution.


    Look at Blakmagic, they do support Linux for Resolve



  • Marcus

    I'm a Capture One Pro user and I dual boot currently (in the future maybe just Linux), and I quite miss Capture One whenever I'm in Linux, and I have to resort to alternatives. Plus making changes to photos outside Capture One is quite messy as Catalogs don't auto-detect changes.

    Thank you!

    Edit: Everyone wanting this remember to upvote the Feature Request here as well:

  • Gregory Reshetniak

    I would buy a license on day one of Linux support.

  • Benjamin Bezine

    +1 for Linux xupport

  • FirstName LastName

    same here: Would buy a linux license immediately!

    I believe that is THE chance for capture one to occupy this new market and be the undebatable leader there!

  • Aleš Matýsek

    Very miss C1 on Linux.

  • Richard Ruth

    I would love to see a native Linux port of Capture One.  I have never found a really good raw editor for Linux.  (Editors exist for Linux but they do not compare to Capture One.)

    With that said, I have run Capture One within a Win10 VM (VirtualBox) for years hosted on a rather beefy Linux system.  Capture One's OpenCL does not work from within the VM (so no processing acceleration from your GPU)  but everything else does with an occasional issue that usually appears when CO is updated.   My CO sessions, catalogues and images  are on the Linux host (ext4 fs) and accessed via VirtualBox's "shared folders".  (Yes, you need a fast system and give the VM 8 cores and 16GB ram.  For color calibration I use a NEC wide gamut monitor and there is a Linux version of NEC's Spectraview monitor calibration software. Printing works fine to Epson SureColor printer.)


  • Tamas Vamos

    +1 vote for Linux

  • Bret Simko

    I would also buy a license for Linux immediately.

  • Fredrik S

    With Linux Support I will definitely ditch Lightroom. Linux is my obvious choice if I could use it.

  • Bejamin Graham

    I'm back in linux (Fedora) after a haitus of a few years and it is so much better now. Its getting better all the time. I would gladly pay for C1 on Linux. I'm already a loyal user for some years in Mac and then in Windows. Fact is I'd prefer to stay in linux all the time. C1 is basically the only thing stopping me. Please Phase One. Make this happen. Linux is a mature operating system now more than ever before. Its great and its time to join the party.

  • Tuomas Nyqvist

    I have license for Capture One running on Windows, but I would also ditch Windows for good if we would get CO on Linux!

  • David Baldin

    Another +1 for Linux! Would switch and buy a linux license immediately if you'd make this happen!

  • Laura Penley

    I would love C1 for Linux. Please make this happen!

  • Dušan Saiko

    I pay for Adobe and Affinity products.
    If you release a Linux verions, I migrate immediatelly.

    (actually would be quite interested how difficult it could technically be when you already have a multi-platform product).

  • max tsygankov

    I create account only for write this comment, i think many people too lazy for it, but i do.

    We extremly need capture one on linux!

  • MERE

    I just started to use Capture One for Nikon and I´m extremely happy with its RAW development results. Therefore I would also like to use it under Linux when changing my environment to some Ubuntu flavour !!!

  • Vit Kreisinger

    I have Capture One for Fujifilm ver. 12 right now running on Windows 7 because Win 10 sucks.

    I'm ready to pay for Capture One PRO for Linux immediately.

  • Dawid Chorabik

    It's really frustrating that I can get best video processing SW (Davinci Resolve) on Linux, one of best DAW (Reaper), but no RAW processing image SW. Make Capture One at least Wine friendly please!

  • Intenditore

    Yes, WE NEED IT!
    I will even buy a standalone licence. Especially that's not that hard to port it on another *nix system. Not a complete rewrite at least

  • Tim Euken

    I would be willing to pay a lot for this. Photo editors are one of the last things I really need on Linux to fully make the switch. 

  • Chau Thai

    Yes please!

  • igor Biletskyi

    This would be great instead making broken clone and healing brushes.

    pls stop fighting with adobe.


    i'd like to continue to use my license but i can't . Help us

    or make media pro to run linux

  • József Kovács

    I need a Linux version ... more specifically what runs on Debian based MX. I use that.

    I don’t know who has analyzed the IT market, but he has certainly ignored Europe and Asia. Keep in mind that the Android system is also Linux based. There are 3 billion people in Asia and Europe ... isn't this a market?

    There are more and more free photo and publishing editors for Linux ( - however, they do not provide stable support for professional work.
    And here's the market - I think.
    Linux is much faster and more stable than Windows. Unfortunately, the latter has been distributed in Europe. In America, Macintosh iOS and Linux also work on the Unix system. Both are stable and fast. Unfortunately, Windows is unstable and with more problems than benefits ... in my opinion.

    In summary, I would support it if it worked on CaptureOne Linux.

  • Grzegorz Niedźwiedzki

    Linux version needed :-)


    I have been a sports photographer for 3 years.  I have been using Linux since 2009.  I shoot in Raw and convert with Raw Therapee.  I would have no problem spending for a compatible version of Capture One on Linux.  I mean come on, Neat Image has a stand alone version for linux.  I bought that.  It works very nice.    Currently Raw Therapee and Gimp are my go to and I have made it work fine for the last three years.  Would not have a problem if there was another option. 

  • Ryan Gillette

    I would love to migrate my last remaining non-linux machine to Linux. Currently it is only running windows for Capture One Sony. 

  • Majid Bhatti

    Please develop Capture One pro to support linux. I am waiting on the ability to 100% rely on linux workflow; however, Capture One requires that I continue to use Windows. Thank you

  • Martin Pilote

    Please create a Linux version


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