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Do you have Capture One for Linux?



  • Lars Künstler

    i would buy a license for linux immediately

  • Alessandro Frigeri

    It would be great to have Capture One on Linux desktops

  • Jamie Dumont

    I'm a current user that just stopped using macOS and after using Windows for a little while would be very glad to use a Linux version instead.

  • Robin Lavigne

    I'd love if Capture One was on Linux ! I'd be so much easier

  • Daniel Nehls

    +1 for Linux support

  • John Brady

    I'd gladly pay for Capture One on Linux. It's one of the few applications preventing me from migrating from the Mac to Linux.

  • Peter Smitt

    i also would like to see a linux version and i would definitly buy a licens or subscription.

  • Andr

    This not super useful.
    Is Linux being considered at all? Do you have any plan for it?
    This I would like to know.

    All the major softwares used in the VFX industry support Linux, because it's the most performant OS.
    I'm a Windows user, I have never used Linux but I'd love to establish my workflow on it.

    Unfortunately the ONLY software I use that doesn't support Linux is Capture One.
    As much as I  like Capture One I'm not really sure it would be worth to keep an SSD and an OS only for one software.

  • Tomas Mikeska

    I think porting on linux would be a big step, first one and only one pro software for linux audience ...

  • Andreas Gruber

    Hopefully Linux will get supported soon. Since Windows 10 is getting worse and worse.
    I'd like to switch to Linux (Ubuntu or Mint).
    C1 is the only thing holding me back at the Moment.

  • Marc Werner

    I want to use C1 on my Linux too... make it at least somehow work with wine maybe?

  • Bharat Anumolu

    Please port to Linux IMMEDIATELY.

    Charge more for it!! I'd be happy to pay more for your application.

    I have Capture One Pro 20 right now running on Windows 10 and Win 10 sucks.


  • behrooz aghashahi

    since adobe didn't enter Linux OS, then capture one can use this opportunity and have a lot of user in linux system. many users on Linux are waiting for a photo editing software and if capture one can develop Linux version, just can win the game in Linux.

  • Stefan Schwarz

    Support for Linux! +1

  • Timothy Hale

    Support for Linux! pleease!

  • Stefano Ciurleo

    I'm using Mac only because of capture one, support for linux could be great!

  • Paul Johnson

    Another vote for Linux support.  The Apple OS is a Linux variant.  How tough could it be?  This is the only software I need to go entirely to Linux, like every photographer in the world. C'mon.  Take my money.

  • julien thomas

    Please consider a Linux version!

    I have to maintain a dual boot system for the sole purpose of Capture1 (and photoshop...)

    No problem to pay more for it!

  • Frank Weder

    We need a linux version!

    Now that Lenovo will be offering ubunto and redhat on their laptops and even helping to push developing much further for more tools, it might be a good decision. And like many said, there is no good Photo Editing tool on Linux right now, so why not be the first and take this chance.


  • Mark Maas

    I agree with Frank. Dell, Lenovo and others are selling laptops with Linux pre-installed. More are following. It's no longer a niche thing.

    All my work is online, Office 365, Gdrive, google suite, cloud management, it's all done with the browser. Games run great on Linux nowadays, and as a developer I would not want anything else anymore.

    Well... I'd like Capture One Pro on linux ;-)

    You would be outsmarting Adobe, they have not dared to tap into this market, and it has growing potential. And when you are first.... you have the advantage!

  • SFA



    I would have to assume that Adobe, with their very broad market presence, have looked at the Linux potential and decided that it is unlikely to produce enough business to justify the cost of creating and supporting such a move.

    Indeed they probably see far more business potential spending cash and resources on apps for mobile devices.


    Wikipedia (yeah, I know. I'll take a shower when I have finished this reply ...) offers the following:


    "In the area of desktop and laptop computers, Microsoft Windows is generally above 70% in most markets and at 77% to 87.8% globally, Apple's macOS is at around 9.6% to 13%, Google's Chrome OS is up to 6% (in the US) and other Linux distributions are at around 2%"

    Now it is also possible I suppose that 2% of people who take photos make use of RAW convertors and thus, by statistical inference, all RAW shooters must run Linux ...  but I tend to feel that might be a long shot.

  • Mark Maas

    Hi SFA,

    Hehe, yeah that is correct. MS and Mac are still the bigger platforms yes. And I never said Linux was about a  large amount of customers. I said it has potential to be so in the future.

    And it does! The market is small because lots of software does not run on it! When the software comes, the people will come.

    All I'm saying is: that shift is here. It's happening, it's starting with hardware vendors selling laptops/desktops with Linux on their machines.

    Besides: 2% of 2 million computers is 400000, if only 10% of those are buying, that's still 40.000 customers.  And we are not talking about 2 million computers, the number is way larger. A lot of companies would be happy with such market potential ;-)

  • Peter Goodman

    Given the obtrusive nature of Windows (now forcing their programs to open with no option to opt-out) and given that some of us are tethering through various means, Windows makes the tethering nearly impossible without going through a constant re-set of the programs. 


    Though not in a pro level at this moment, and given that Linux has advanced tot he point of working seamlessly with so many other programs, it would be highly advantageous for the CO team to associate to the Linux system. 


  • FirstName LastName

    Would love to see this on linux-- would pay for it! The osx version is already running on a unix-like system...

  • Boris Stoyanov

    +1 for Linux!!! if you do this you will be one of the first MAJOR image processors to do so and i guarantee you great success


  • Ed Sinclair

    An image editor that runs on Linux would be enough for me to make the switch. I love Capture One. You could have the Linux market!

  • Mark Maas

    Keep asking people, it does help:


  • Jamie Dumont

    And to demonstrate the argument many have made here, I’ll now be heading back to 1Password from Bitwarden. I choose my software based on my OS, not my OS based on my software.

  • Salvatore Nosche6

    i hope too in linux release.

  • Marco Todeschini

    I would love Capture One running on my Kubuntu box.



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