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Do you have Capture One for Linux?



  • FirstName LastName

    I would love Capture One running on Manjaro linux. I am really interested by this, including the version PRO ;D 

  • Edwin Fajardo

    Please create a version of Capture One 20 for Linux. You have a Mac Version which is already almost a Unix variant, so it would be easy for you to port Capture One to Open-Suse Linux Tumbleweed, the most stable version of OpenSuse Linux almost close to the cutting edge version. I am currently a Windows Capture One user.

  • Brian Gant

    I run Mac, Windows, and Linux desktops and have been consolidating (returning) to the latter given the current state of Mac hardware (especially way more expensive than usuals).

    This would let me run my preferred editor on my preferred platform, and would definitely get some (more) money thrown your direction. Please and thank you!

  • Tudor Stan

    Capture One is the last thing tying me to Windows. I would fully switch to linux within the second would it have a version of Capture One.

  • B. J. v. V.

    Its the only thing holding me back from switching to Linux full-time!!

    + 1 for Linux support!!!!!

  • Ole-Henrik Jakobsen

    I created an account just to support this, I would get a license asap if this would be a reality. I have worked a lot with Darktable and ART/RawTherapee, and while they're good software, I would like to use something professional without having to dual boot into windows.

    Please make this happen.

  • Ben

    I would buy this because it was made for Linux. I currently use Affinity Photo, but that is only for Windows and MacOS. I literally created an account just to comment that I really, really want something like this for linux.

  • Mattias Agar

    Registered only to comment that I would ditch Adobe in a heartbeat if there's a Linux verison available of Capture One.

    Currently I dual boot Linux and Windows, with the sole reason there isn't a good photo editing software for Linux. Would love to be able to ditch both Adobe and Windows

  • Radmir K

    I think Capture One Linux version is a great step both for linux community and for capture one community.

  • Fredrik Fyksen Lund

    Would love support for Linux.

  • matt windover

    The more professional software is made available for Linux, the more you’ll see people switch over. It’s a far more robust ecosystem of operating systems, most servers world wide run a variant of Linux because of this. Being the first professional raw editing software to market with support for just Debian based distros could be a huge advantage.

    As with many others here I would love to see native support for Debian Linux as its the most easily adopted group of linux distros for the average user with an intuitive GUI. As others have mentioned it would be a “relatively” easy port from A Unix compliant OS (Mac OS) to Linux. Having it run in an emulator is not acceptable as a solution for anyone using it for business, as you can run into a litany of issues from support to stability.

  • FirstName LastName

    It would be awesome. I am more a linux user.

  • Thomas Box

    I really wish I could use it in Linux. Hell, I'd even go to Frederiksberg and help you port it myself; I'm a software developer who has worked in both OSes. A bit south of you, Bitwig did a fine job with a good Linux version of their also very nice and sophisticated software. I'm sure you guys could do the same.

  • Ömer Faruk AYDIN

    I would love Capture One running on KDE desktop. Also that would be great if there is a  Capture One for OLYMPUS

  • Reto Omlin

    Bitwig did it for musicians, blackmagic design for video editors. Only capture one missing for the final switch...

  • Roi Frenkel

    +1 for linux license. my strong work machine is linux based, I love C1 and need to run it on a 2015 mbp which is not nearly as strong. Would get that license today.

  • Ivica Puljic

    The only reason I am keeping one Windows machine is because of Capture One and Cuebase, all other machines are on Linux. Having Capture One for Linux would be a killer feature for me.

  • David

    A Linux version would be awesome!

  • Barez Omer

    Looking forward to a linux release, happyyyyy

  • nathaniel courtens

    yes - Linux would be helpful

  • FirstName LastName

    Yes, I would definately buy Capture one for Linux!

  • FirstName LastName

    LR Classic user on Mac here. If there was Capture One for Linux I would instantly buy it and stop using Macs at all.

  • dan olsen

    I would buy on Ubuntu!

    Now i use Aftershot pro for Linux :(

    If you not want to make a linux version, så make a cloud based solution in cooperation with Smugmug.

  • Matthias H

    Using Capture One since 5 Years. All my PCs are running Linux (Manjaro) except a laptop is still on Windows only(!) because of Capture One. Capture One is the last thing tying me to Windows. 

    This thread is now quite long and all users have the same desire. Please dear support team - show us a reaction.

  • Sampo Vuori

    I've been trying trial versions of Capture One occasionally. It's top notch software but my purchase is waiting for Linux version. I have a mac too but I no longer purchase software that isn't cross-platform.. that's why I bought Bitwig Studio, Davinci Resolve and Aftershot Pro, they all run on my beefy Linux computer as well. I'll buy Capture One too when the day comes :)

  • Stein Morten Sandbech

    I would love to have Capture One on Linux, as the most capable / powerful systems I have are running Linux (Doing rendering / scientific computing etc).  Most systems run Debian based distros like Ubuntu Desktop and Server.

    Five 12/24 core Xeons with 64 to 128GB ECC memory and a host of nVidia Quadro RTX 5000's in Cubix PCIe expansion boxes, in addition some older Xeon servers ranging from hex core to 12core.

    Today, I run Capture One on a Mac Pro 6.1 (Trash can) with 32GB mem and a 4 core Xeon. It is a bit slow on 50 to 100Mpixel images ...

  • Jarek Witkowski

    I would love Capture One running on my Ubuntu Studio box. Very much. So +1 for C1 on Linux.

  • Sean Anderson

    Please release a native Linux version. Pro-photography is the only creative market that is completely under-serviced in Linux. Many of us only tolerate Windows and Mac machines because we are locked into inferior Adobe programs and evil subscription plans.

    I would instantly buy a perpetual license for Capture One Pro if you released a Linux version!

  • Bartee Lamar

    Yes Capture One on Linux

  • Tamara maatfly

    Throwing my hat in +1 for Capture One on Linux. Mac and Windows are growing less and less workable with every update. Will absolutely subscribe or buy a license on day one. Heck, I'd bet even a Capture One Linux Kickstarter would crush it!

    It will be wonderful to have a nice, solid, performant dedicated tethering/image-processing machine without the additional bloat, viruses, and spyware.

    $ apt install -y capture-one


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