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How do I add description and copyright information on import into a Session?



  • gpd

    Is the EXIF data written to the raw file itself or is it just stored in Capture One catalog file?

  • Phrank

    @gpd nothing is written in C1 – only into XMP (if activated) and it’s own database.

    @Lily, just downloaded the new version 14.1 and i like it's new feature to show the embedded previews before import - it's almost photomechanic fast press import style. But, why I only can add in the "Metadata" field: Description and Copyright.

    I can add some extra standard infos and metadata via the little bit confusing named field "Adjustments" then hidden in "Styles / Custom Presets / Metadata" and there finally My User  Presets. Why you don’t show also thise metadata info under "Metadata". There would be great to add all the IPTC meta data possible – specially all the location and event infos.

    One step less makes it even more faster;-)

  • Bryan Moberly

    Like Phrank mentioned above, I want the option to add my saved Custom Preset Metadata to all my images during import. Not just have two fields to fill-in during import.



  • 黄 国新


  • Matt Nager

    I have to agree and second the comments by Matthew. When can we expect expanded metadata capabilities? I need to be able to input all the categories that make up professional IPTC metadata including, locations, keywords, captions, copyright, etc.

    At this point, I'm still needing to import via ancient programs that allow this (ex. Photo Mechanic). 

    This should be an easy update and is long overdue. 


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