How do I add description and copyright information on import into a Session?



  • gpd

    Is the EXIF data written to the raw file itself or is it just stored in Capture One catalog file?

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  • Phrank

    @gpd nothing is written in C1 – only into XMP (if activated) and it’s own database.

    @Lily, just downloaded the new version 14.1 and i like it's new feature to show the embedded previews before import - it's almost photomechanic fast press import style. But, why I only can add in the "Metadata" field: Description and Copyright.

    I can add some extra standard infos and metadata via the little bit confusing named field "Adjustments" then hidden in "Styles / Custom Presets / Metadata" and there finally My User  Presets. Why you don’t show also thise metadata info under "Metadata". There would be great to add all the IPTC meta data possible – specially all the location and event infos.

    One step less makes it even more faster;-)

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  • Bryan Moberly

    Like Phrank mentioned above, I want the option to add my saved Custom Preset Metadata to all my images during import. Not just have two fields to fill-in during import.



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  • 黄 国新


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