Updating folders




  • Sergey Zhirnov

    It does not work how it must! It's a very stupid function! My library missed files from album and when I use this function to try return them, it find files start to import them, but missed files stay in album... 

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  • NNN636737621499121270

    When I use this synchronize option, capture one does not add or mention new added subfolders which includes pictures.

    Is this by design?

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  • Lily

    Hi Twan,

    When you use the Synchronize option, only the contents of the selected folder and known subfolders (that were imported initially) will be updated.

    If you want to import new subfolders, go to the Import dialog again, checkmark the Include Subfolders option and the Exclude Duplicated option. That way only new subfolders and new files will be imported into a Catalog.

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