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How do I move a Catalog?



  • EIW

    All your links (at the top of this Guide) you refer to  don't work.  HTTP error 400... 

  • Lily

    Hi EIW,

    Thank you for this note.

    Now everything is fixed.


  • Menno de Vries
    I followed the steps (moving a Catalog with a referenced file option to another location on the same workstation, Mac)
    - it does not create a new catalogue, but saves the cocatalog. So I just have the backup catalog in the right place now.  
    What could I do wrong? I guess I misunderstand the way. 
    Brings me to the following question:
    - Why can't you move the actual catalogue file to another folder (instead of the backup catalog)
    - do I assume right that the size of the catalog mainly consists of preview files? 
  • FirstName LastName

    Had my photos stored on a external disk with a referenced catalog on my Mac's internal SSD.

    Trying to switch to Capture One fully from LR so moved my LR lib out to external and moved the CO folder to my internal Mac. Just discovered it won't work at all had to delete the folder and move it AGAIN from the CO folder screen.

    And guess what? Its running at HALF of the speed of what I got when moving the folder via Mac Finder. 70MBps vs 30 MBps..

    Seriously you guys need to fix this. Why not just allow me to move the folders via Finder and then sync the pictures. Just some way to let the software know I moved the folder to a new location instead of MANUALLY syncing each file which for a 30K+ photo folder is not realistic.




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  • Oscar Quinn

    Please help me I need to activate my account on my new other laptop gotten stolen and I been trying to deactivate. WOULD I HAVE TO PURCHASE ANOTHER ACCOUNT

  • Boyan Georgiev

    So I am currently challenged with figuring out Case 2. 

    I have referenced images and a catalogue that were on another computer. I've moved everything to a new computer. Locating missing files works and preserved all the edits. The issue is, it seems like I can locate only one file a time, is that correct? If so that is an incredibly inefficient way of doing so.


  • Jack W

    @Bayan You can also right-click on folders and select 'Locate'

  • Taverne Henri

    Je n'y arrive pas !  Pas du tout intuitif !  Manque de précision dans la démarche à suivre.

    Découragé !


  • Taverne Henri

    Enfin !   Deux choses m'ont égarées: la délocalisation de mes fichiers (point d'interrogations sur chaque fichier) et la hiérarchie de mes dossiers (par ordre alphabétique). A chaque fois j'ai crue à une erreur de ma part et je recommençais l'importation. Il serait recommandé d'apporter des précisions sur ces conséquences.


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