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Troubleshooting slow tethering performance on macOS



  • Tom Thrasher

    Can you write an article on troubleshooting progressively slower import/rendering during a tethered shoot?  For example, during a day-long tethered studio shoot, in the morning, the images are coming into the session and rendering quickly.  By the afternoon, after shooting 2000+ images, they are coming in much slower.  On the last shoot I did, this was the case.  Reducing preview size to 900 px in Preferences did not help.  What other sorts of tricks can I do.  Begin a new session?  Delete one of the cache folders?

  • Ivano Trabalza

    Tom  Thrasher did anyone get back to you on this problem?  Have you been able to resolve on your own?  Reducing the preview size works for us for about 20 minutes and then it runs at least 5 to 20 fotos back.  We have tried cache and restarting and new sessions, but these things have not helped.  Hope you have had some luck!  I haven't tried changing the color profile yet, but I will, though that seems to address other previewing problems, not tether lag.  Thanks, Ivano

  • FirstName LastName

    We are having trouble tethering. Using Mark IV, we've read all the articles and did everything suggested. But we still getting some misfires. What could be the problem.

  • Mark Viszlay

    Today with tether was pain in the ass! so slow that i can made a coffe and drink it after shooting 20 images in a raw. 


  • Riccardo Lanfranchi

    Does anyone find a solution to slow tethering? I’m facing this issue with many different cameras and it’s really annoying

  • Joshua Shelton

    Today is Jan 23 2022 and I'm having the same problem.  I have the fastest MacBook Pro money can buy.  When I first bought this computer the images were flying in.  Now it takes 4 minutes to upload 20 images to the computer.  Is there anyone to respond to our problems here?  Ive tried all the fixes mentioned above.  They dont' work.  Is there any fix?  Why can't the cache or what ever the problem is reset after every session?  Frustrating.  

  • Chris Court

    This is such a frustrating problem. I have a 5-8sec delay in my images coming through. Sometimes even longer.  It should be instant. It happens on my GFX50sii and my Sony A7. I checked my speed through system profile and I am at 5GB/s, so no issue there. Tethering with USBC to a 2020 MacBook Pro. It is enough to give up on the software. I just switched from Phocus, which despite all its problems, it did have instant previews. 

  • Ted Kay

    I have found this problem with my XT-4 today. I usually tether shooting with GFX100s and transfer speed was quite good despite the RAW file is around 90Mb and XT-4s' RAW file is quarter of it. This happens especially in live view mode and sometimes it even freezes. I feel sorry for the answer of this article that is like "Have you tried turning it off and on again?". Sometimes it works though.

    I have used Capture One over 9 years and still good but since few years ago, I feel tired to using it. it always have s fundamental issues and never patched unless buying new version.  

  • Maurice Labrecque

    Just downloaded c1 22 today, and I get camera errors with both my canon r5 and r6. This is on a MacBook Pro M1, running Montery, and neither camera will connect to the program. The cameras both show up on the usb bus, and work fine shooting remotely with eos utility. Are you guys still updating this software??? 



  • Michelle Young

    Hi Anyone resolve this? I had this just happen for the first time with my Fuji GFX100s. Never happened before and I ended up shooting to card after restarting a billion times, turning off and on, etc etc. Working fine today!

    Really bad on a shoot! Love to hear any work arounds and wondering if this is punishment for non Phase users!!

  • Peter Soulis

    Im the same. I shoot with a Canon R5 and an EOS R. When shooting in Capture one 23, 22 it takes ages for the images to come through which is very painful for myself and my clients and looks very unprofessional. 

    For some reason, in Capture One 20, it seems to be a lot faster to render the images. Still not as quick as I would like, but no where near as slow as the new versions of Capture One. 

    Very frustrating for a software not to work correctly and paying all this money for it. 

  • Jeff Lee

    My studio is also running in to this performance issue. This is not an isolated instance on one set. This happens multiple times a day with our 40 sets. We work off of r5s and Mac Studios.. .There needs to be a clear cache when close option. Time is money and we're loosing production time because of the performance of this. What is the solution here?

    Capture, please address this issue.

  • Michelle Young

    Not sure if this helps, but I have think I have resolved my issue. I believe its an overheating issue on my MacBook Pro. If I have too many windows or other apps open (especially browsers with loads of content being updated) then I think my computer overheats and as a consequence Capture slows. I tested when it happened again with another MacPro and it was totally resolved.

    I also now shoot with all the same set ups, and its never happened again as long as I have all other apps closed. I shoot all day on a Fuji GFX100S, so very data heavy. HTH.

  • richard ansett

    lots of questions no answers - frustrating - thanks Michelle. FYI I have been in touch with a couple of mega assistant friends who are reporting back to me that this is a long running issue with multiple solution paths. Im on the war path today and will report back. Client wasn't happy yesterday as they couldn't view as I shot as the preview render took up all the time before the next shot came in. Exploring the USB rabbit hole and also there is a choice of optimisation of the previews between quality and speed.

  • Michelle Young

    Just a quick update Richard, I am now using an ice pack on my laptop and no more issues. I believe its an overheating issue with my macbook pro. I feel I have resolved my issue with my 100mp camera. HTH

  • Frederick Woods

    I wish overheating was my issue. I now suddenly have a 7-9 second delay *per shot* while tethering. Used to be instantaneous. I have a shoot tomorrow and may use Canon DPP for the tethering portion. Horrible.

    All up to date C1, Mac OS.


  • Christian Eppelt

    Have the same problem on Windows .. I shoot to a network drive. Thought it is a problem caused by the network adapter - but that is not the reason. Overheating can´t be the problem - it´s a desktop workstation. C1 hangs up on transferring pictures over the network, or slow down to less than 10mbit .. (I´m not shure). It´s also mostly impossible to close the application -I´ve to make a hard reset and then C1 hangs up on loading this actual session. I´ve to restart without any network - and then I´m able to make a new session.


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