Changing the EXIF timestamp on an image



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  • ThomasH

    I think that this is a misunderstanding: We can very much keep the original raw file untouched and yet indicate the adjusted time stamp by having a time adjustment handle in the adjustment file.  This is what happens in Lightroom, to name one example.  When we import a catalog from Lightroom, the time adjustments are being lost. 

    I face frequently this dilemma with wrong timestamps while merging images from the same trip and 2 or 3 cameras. In order to restore the sequence of events after the import from Lightroom, I copy than the raw files away, use exiftool to adjust the time, set the file timestamp to the EXIF time, and than copy back the raw file to the C1 catalog directory.  Lots of work in many cases, which was already once done in Lightroom. 

    I wish Capture One would have added this feature.

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