How to copy Layers?




  • Guido Garotti

    Hello Liliia,

    Thank you for your help. I would like to build on the question as above. I also benefit from the ability to copy individual layers from one image to another, that one is a very helpful improvement. However, I believe many of us find a major drawback because copied layers are automatically added on top of the existing ones. It would be much nicer to choose between adding them on top OR updating the existing ones with the same name.

    It's true that after copying and pasting layers I can delete the unwanted ones, however - according to my knowledge - this has to be done image by image and when editing a large number of images this is a huge pain.

    Maybe there is a workaround?

    Problem example: I am working on 100 images from the same shoot. I edit one of them creating the general look using three basic layers: "curve", "levels", "color balance". I go on copy/pasting these three layers on the other 99. From here I go on adjusting the single images according to the individual content: therefore I am adding more individual layers, gradients here and there, and so on... Then I realise that I want to adjust the previously created "color balance" layer on all the 100 images.

    What is the quickest way to do this?

    Hope I spoke my mind.



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  • Lily

    Hi Guido,


    Thank you for the question.

    In Capture One 20, the Layers workflow has been changed -

    Thus, the copied Layers will be added on top of the existing ones but will not replace them.

    For now, the only workaround is to edit/delete Layers manually in Capture One 20.

    Thank you for the suggestion on the possibility to choose among the options to add the copied Layers on top or replace the existing ones or updating the existing Layers with the same name. I will forward your request to the Product Management team. 

    Best regards,



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  • Guido Garotti

    Hello Lily,

    Thank you for your comment. If editing/deleting layers manually on multiple images is the only option, then being able to choose whether adding or replacing or updating existing individual layers is a very critical feature. If that will not be implemented, when batch processing images, users will have to continue manipulating images mostly on the background layer as opposed to creating new layers because copy-pasting background settings on multiple images is right now the only way to update a number of images automatically.

    Also it would really help (an this would be an obvious workaround for the problem above) to be able to delete specific layers which appear over a number of images. See again the "problem example" in my previous comment and imagine that I want to delete my "curve" layer across 100 images. Doing that manually is of course a waste of time.

    To sum this up, C1-20's new layer management tool is amazing when editing a handful of images but in the real world it requires serious improvement with batch processing workflow logic.




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