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  • josete luisete

    Is there a way to import DNG files without original raws embedded?

    I'm talking about a camera model with a NEF/Nikon native raw.

    I don't care if I lose adjustments.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Lily

    Hi Josete,

    Thank you for the comment.

    There is no such option in Capture One as the DNG files will be imported as they are. So if you have created DNGs in another application with the option not to include the original RAW, the image will not be treated as the RAW one in Capture One apparently.

    This means that it won't be possible to select a lens profile or choose a mode in the White Balance tool. Also, the generic color profile will be applied to such files.

  • josete luisete

    Of course, it won't be possible to select a lens profile or choose a mode in the White Balance tool because I can't even open these DNG files.

    I made a terrible mistake deleting the original raw files. I won't do it again.


  • Emmanuele Calautti

    Hi, I have problem with some DNG files that I processed in capture one 12. They are RAF file converted in DNG (I don't do that anymore) I developed it and they where awesome and now when I opened it the colours are all mixed up with a green tint and they are basically gone. I'm on capture one 21 How I can fix it?

  • Maryna Sopilniak

    Hi Emmanuele, 

    Thank you for your comment. 

    I have forwarded your request to the Support Team. They will get back to you soon. 

  • John Poulin

    Why can I not open the DNG files created by C1 using the HDR merge from within the C1 program itself? I get the message it is an unsupported file was created with C1 version 22.

  • hollywoodstills

    Hi C1,

    DNG from Mavic Pro Cine Drone don't seem to import into C1.  What gives?  Just brings in JPEGS....but does bring in movies.  Such a curious thing -- I'm not trying to use multiple platforms for photos!  



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