Is HEIC/HEIF format supported by Capture One?




  • Lukasz Bendykowski

    I'm not sure what "Majority of photo editing software" means in this context. Adobe introduced support for HEIC and HEVC in the June 2018 as you can read here I'm aware that the Capture One team works hard introducing new great features from the very beginning and I'm really grateful for that as Capture One is my favorite photo managing/editing software at the moment. I would like to just ask if you have HEIC support in your roadmap and if so how far we are from getting it? It's not just Apple who introduced started using it. Even Canon is moving towards this format (

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  • Carl casca

    An answer to the above question would be very helpful. Even smaller indy-type software is supporting heic. I’m trying to move away from adobe and would like to move to capture1, but the official reply above makes me a little nervous about the future of the software in general. I don’t want to move to something that’s winding down, and non-reply to how long it will be before you can support a format that is becoming widely adopted would be helpful. It’s not as if people are asking you to support some obscure outdated format. Any news on this would help me make an informed decision about capture 1

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