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Live view and tethering problems with Sony A7R IV



  • Isara Fey

    Did this work for anyone? .

    I have walked through this help item and the other one suggested and the camera still has not identified (nor the a9ii).. Capture one 20 Pro doesn't seem to recognize/ pickup the camera after plugging in whereas the sony thing picks up the camera immediately ...  

    PC Remote 

    USB Power Supply Off


    the only workaround was setting up a hot folder which was not ideal for what I was trying to accomplish, especially after upgrading 


  • JH

    Had no Live View in CaptureOne 20 with my 7RIV. After updating the Sony firmware to version 1.10 it worked.

  • PG

    A7R3, latest firmware (3.10) and live view not working on Mac no matter what.

    Works fine on Win 10.

  • Davidwmlaw

    Live view was working on my A7RIV via USB-C on the old version of Capture one 20.0.2 of my laptop (which i use for remote shooting).


    Then yesterday I saw an update for 20.0.4 and installed it. What a MISTAKE!!!  Now Live View for my A7RIV doesnt work (tried both USB C and microB ports). I emailed Capture One support. Lets see what they say.


    I can get Capture One to download pictures off my A7RIV, but it will still say "No Camera Connected"....and therefore I cant use Live View or capture pictures using it. 


    However, I have confirmed that I can still use Live View on the OLDER version of Capture One 20.0.2 (which I still have on my desktop) and thats why i believe this new update from Capture One has bugs.

    Also, I can get my A7RII (not IV) to work with Live View on the NEWER version of Capture One 20.0.4

  • Gentian Polovina

    Same for me. Suddenly everything stopped working. What a shame!!


  • Franz Vielhaber

    Tethering with Sony ILCE-9M2

    My new Sony Alpha ILCE-9M2 is not detected respectively does not connect to Capture One 20 for Sony (Version 13.1.0) (neither USB nor WI-FI, operating system: Windows 10) - it will still say "No Camera Connected". I want to note that other image editing programs detected this camera perfectly and I have also no problems to connect my first Sony, Type ILCE-7M2 with Capture One 20. How can I solve this problem? Many thanks!

  • Lincoln Tran

    I, too, cannot get the ILCE-7RM4 to connect to Capture Pro 20. I am running camera firmware 1.10 and Capture One build, using a tether tools usb 3.0 - USB C type cable. 

    Sony Image program detects the camera right away. And I didn't install it until I got frustrated with Capture One not connecting. 

    I even disabled Google Drive and Google sync programs (this issue needs a fix anyway).


    Is this going to get a fix?

  • Allenbach Marc

    Same for me. I'm curently trying C1 V13.1.1.31. I'm able to tether my A7RIV if I completely uninstall Sony imaging edge.  But I need this app sometimes. 

    This is a dealbreaker for me, I hope there will be a fix or at least a workaround. If not I will sadly stay away from C1.

  • Bobby

    My A7rIV works fine with C1 Pro build. I am using MAC as well as WIN10. Now I just wish Sony allowed me to manually adjust focus using the <<< << < > >> >>> buttons. LV didn't work earlier but once I upgraded camera FW couple of months back, it worked.

  • Ahmed Bouazzaoui

    I had the same issues I just purchased Sony A7RIV two weeks ago . I followed all the steps. Read many articles nothing seems to Resolve the issue. Too much technical and complicated steps. The Fix is my friends is very simple. 
    TURN AIRPLANE MODE ON . will disabled the WiFi on your camera. And That RESOLVED THE ISSUE.
    Tether tool cable USB C to USB C Macbook pro 16". So glad. 
    Hope will help you guys.

    Both C1 and Mac on their latest firmware.

  • Lily

    Hi Ahmed,

    Thank you for sharing the solution tips in the comment.

    I guess that this point on "turning the airplane mode on" could be also included in this article.

  • Ahmed Bouazzaoui

    Thank you, Ms. Lily. Absolutely.
    Like I said, I went crazy with Frustration and disappointment after following all the steps and nothing seems to make it work. Airplane Mode will disable all WiFi communications on your camera. That was the FIX. Even my old A7III now is tethering too.
    All the Best.

  • Yale University

    I've been around the block with tethering and the A7RIV.I have it working.  I love the camera and Capture One is a necessity for me. It is rather frustrating that tethered controlled focus is not currently offered. The AF does work well, but stepped, remote focus is truly needed for things like focus stacking. I've reached out to Digital Transitions and Sony separately and it seems as if these two companies need to speak with each other on this issue. I'm quite sure it could be resolved as stepped focus is possible in the Sony software. It would be truly helpful to imaging professionals utilizing these products to have a patch released in a newer update of C1.

    Al Harding, Yale University Art Gallery


  • Kirsten Helgeland



    This is the thing that solved the problem for me.


    The camera needed a updated versjon of firmware



    All the best,


  • cy kong

    Paid for a C1 pro for Sony but they stopped supporting Mac OS 10.15.x
    What a waste of money, now I have a useless software that can't tether. 

    Thank god for adobe, going back to Lightroom now.

  • Bobby

    Works fine on my Mac OS 10.15.6.

  • Lily

    Hi Cy Kong,

    Thank you for the comment.

    Which exact version of macOS Catalina are you currently running?

    Capture One 20 (13.1.3) supports macOS Catalina up to 10.15.7.

  • Jam Dalu

    There are performance issues with Big Sur and live view (Tested with Sony a7III, a7RIV, a7SIII Cameras) that make it totally unusable. The camera does connect, however the frame rate is super slow. Live view was very good prior to the Big Sur update, so the issue must be connected.  

    I am able to get acceptable frame rates with my camera set to airplane mode (thank you Ahmed). Interestingly enough, Sony's Remote program works flawlessly on Big Sur with Airplane mode on or off, so tethering Sony Cameras is possible on Big Sur without needing this workaround.  

  • nick claasen

    I'm a little stuck. Can't get wired tethering to work again. :( Anyone have any suggestions?

    Wired tethering was working fine till girlfriend updated os from windows 10 to windows 11. C1 doesn't pickup the camera anymore when using any more of wired tethering(micro usb, usb2/3, usb-c). Wireless however does work in C1. Sony imaging edge & lightroom software both work with wired tethering.

    I did a reinstall back to windows 10, also tried upgrading C1 to the latest version, Tried all the fixes above.

    Tried 3 different sony camera's, a7riii, a7riv & a9ii. All have the same issue, everything works apart from wired tethering for C1.

    Don't really want to go the hot folder option... so frustrating that it was working before and after that windows upgrade wired tethering no longer works. :(


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