Why are my images cropped automatically on import?



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    Hi Lily,

    Disabling Default Lens Correction does nothing at all, and the answer above implies that this is known to happen. Is this a bug then? 

    Also, C1 crops an image way beyond what is necessary to leave out the distorted areas. Will this be fixed soon?

    In the meantime, what can I do to remove the unnecessary crop applied without notice to the thousands of images I imported?

    Thank you.

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  • Lily

    Hi Sunny,

    Thank you for the comment.

    Please let me know which camera model and lens you were used for capturing those photos.

    The size of the crop depends on the lens and on the focal length with zoom lenses.

    Please also try to set the Profile in the Lens Correction tool to the Manufacturer's Profile.

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  • Bret Wills

    Very annoying. For me with a Canon 17-40mm lens (and Canon profile) setting distortion to 0 takes off the crop–but I have to do that for every image. Adds a lot of time to my workflow.

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  • Francisco Penedo

    I am also having this issue and it is actually incredibly damaging to images I am importing, and agree with other posters that the solution given here does not help at all!!

    Could we please get a solution for this?

    All images I am importing are cropped, and this is unacceptable. Using an XT4 and a 10-24 lens here, but happens with ALL lenses.

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  • Aditya Agarwal

    I have the same issue. Never realized it and I finished editing over 4000 images today and something seemed off. Then I realized that all my images were cropped as some group photos were cutting people off. I have both lens corrections and distortion turned off. Way to ruin an entire wedding edit. I also went back and checked all my other wedding projects. They are all cropped. I shoot pretty much good in camera so usually never crop and hence never noticed this before. This is sneaky at best...... unless you select the crop mode you'll never notice this. 

    I use a Leica SL2, SL2S and Leica lenses. There was no setting/no indication to this. Really sad!!!!!

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