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Why are my images cropped automatically on import? - Disable Default Lens Correction



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    Hi Lily,

    Disabling Default Lens Correction does nothing at all, and the answer above implies that this is known to happen. Is this a bug then? 

    Also, C1 crops an image way beyond what is necessary to leave out the distorted areas. Will this be fixed soon?

    In the meantime, what can I do to remove the unnecessary crop applied without notice to the thousands of images I imported?

    Thank you.

  • Lily

    Hi Sunny,

    Thank you for the comment.

    Please let me know which camera model and lens you were used for capturing those photos.

    The size of the crop depends on the lens and on the focal length with zoom lenses.

    Please also try to set the Profile in the Lens Correction tool to the Manufacturer's Profile.

  • Bret Wills

    Very annoying. For me with a Canon 17-40mm lens (and Canon profile) setting distortion to 0 takes off the crop–but I have to do that for every image. Adds a lot of time to my workflow.

  • Francisco Penedo

    I am also having this issue and it is actually incredibly damaging to images I am importing, and agree with other posters that the solution given here does not help at all!!

    Could we please get a solution for this?

    All images I am importing are cropped, and this is unacceptable. Using an XT4 and a 10-24 lens here, but happens with ALL lenses.

  • Aditya Agarwal

    I have the same issue. Never realized it and I finished editing over 4000 images today and something seemed off. Then I realized that all my images were cropped as some group photos were cutting people off. I have both lens corrections and distortion turned off. Way to ruin an entire wedding edit. I also went back and checked all my other wedding projects. They are all cropped. I shoot pretty much good in camera so usually never crop and hence never noticed this before. This is sneaky at best...... unless you select the crop mode you'll never notice this. 

    I use a Leica SL2, SL2S and Leica lenses. There was no setting/no indication to this. Really sad!!!!!

  • d_A_y

    Maybe in FAQ this issue should be cleared...

    As I understand, image cropping is not a bug of C1, but standard behavior with manufacturers lens profile, to match best quality and maybe advertised pixel dimensions or focal length %) You can compare with Lightroom - it has same cropping. Or you can compare with open-source Darktable - it has no lens correction by default and doesn't crop, as C1 with disabled lens correction.

    So it's rather a feature of C1, comparable to Lightroom, allowing to uncrop image. But it would be nice to have more quick and obvious option like "minimum crop after lens correction"...

  • Kevin D Callahan

    This is beyond annoying.  It is a serious, officious flaw baked into the program.  Hidden cropping affects the composition, the choice of picture, and editing.  There needs to be a clear warning about this effect and a clear, simple on/off control.  It may be the case that whatever the distortion control is doing is worth it, but only the photographer can decide whether sacrificing part of the image is a worthwhile tradeoff. 

  • Kevin D Callahan

    FYI to anyone dealing with this issue.  Apparently you cannot retroactively change previously imported photos to eliminate hidden cropping in a comprehensive or universal fashion. There is no such control.  However, here is a workaround on a lens by lens basis.  If there is a better or simpler method perhaps someone from C1 can point it out.

    If you identify an image with hidden cropping you can search the catalog browser for that focal length and correct all the images by application of a new Lens Correction preset.  

    (1). Go the "Lens" in the Tool tab, then to the "Lens Correction" tool underneath.  As set forth in the article above, in the the three dot menu at the top of the tool window, check "Disable Default Lens Correction."  Then in the middle of the tool box turn the "Distortion" bar to zero. (Perhaps some lesser turn down might work, haven't checked.). At the top of the tool window again, in the double arrow copy/apply tool, copy and save these settings to the Adjustments Clipboard.  This can be saved as a preset if you want.

    (2). Select images for the entire catalog in the Library tool. Turn off "viewer" in the "view" dropdown menu so as to instead display all browser images.  Select "list" view (the middle option above the window with three vertical dots to the left of three vertical lines) which provides comprehensive information on the images.  If necessary enable "Focal Length" as a information column by right clicking on the information bar. Select the focal length for the lens at issue.  Select the images. Enable the "Edit Selected" tool (icon with three overlaid rectangles) in the upper toolbar.  Using the two arrow  "Copy/Apply" tool in the same upper toolbar, apply the saved Lens Correction settings to all the selected images.

    This worked for me for my Fuji GFX 45mm lens images.  I will probably do the same for all middle to wide angle lenses in the catalog. Hope this may be helpful to others such as the wedding photographer above.

  • d_A_y

    As for composition affecting, you should double-check what you see in camera display when shooting, and what you see in C1 with this default crop - as I understand you should see the same. As it's in my case with Olympus camera and 14mm lens.

    That is C1 is not affecting, but allowing bonus uncropping, in spite of manufacturer attempt to hide edge distortion or whatever :)

  • mattspace

    I've been having this problem as well - automatic distortion correction cropping all the images from my Nikon AF-S 14-24 f2.8.

    So I tried the suggested solution, I deleted the images from my catalog (because of the baffling design of the software, that you can select multiple images, but not apply an adjustment to all of them, even from the adjustments clipboard), and reimported them with Disable Default Lens Configuration enabled...

    And all the images now lack the Chromatic Aberration correction.

    How do I change the default behaviour of lenses, on a per-lens basis so that I can do an import of shots with multiple different lenses, and automatically get the correct custom default setup for each lens?

    Shorter version - how do I set C1 up so that all my lenses have CA enabled, but distortion correction disabled, by default?

  • Michael Kelly


    Interesting reading everyone's problems regarding this issue.

    Over the years my boss and I have had the same problems with both canon and nikon. We just starting using the canon 10-20mm f4 (very nice lens).

    If C1 didn't distort, vignette, colour shift the lens to hell. We would have a smooth and pleasant workflow.

    We compared C1 with photoshop camera raw. And you get exactly what you see in camera, zero distortion etc. Which is what it should always be.

    Why is C1 interfering so much with images, when its unnecessary.?

    So far the support ideas C1 support are giving are useless. Thanks for NOT addressing this serious issue C1.

    Does anyone have a solution?







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