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How do I activate Capture One Express?



  • Egoroff Egoroff

    Menwhile I pressed "Reset All Activation", again once more.

    07.11.2020 Computer1 1554261840 Deactivation  
    07.11.2020 Computer1 1554261840 Activation  
    07.11.2020 Computer2 161489491 Deactivation  
    09.10.2020 Computer2 161489491 Activation

    so, it's no 0 time used key anywere, let's try activate it on that same PC and it's will be the only place where it's being used

  • Egoroff Egoroff

    Today, I reactivated it.  Open/Close few times, check "license" in menu (it shows that now I have activation as "Computer 1" LOL)  unbelievable .

  • Egoroff Egoroff

    Today, on same PC with same Win10 install, whithout any changhes i've got a message "Your license key is deativated" again. Only thing have changed is my hard drive, I've bought new SSD and cloned system to it(without reinstallation or Win License Key change) 

    No second PC, No other place with my key/account/install exists

    If it's a way to push me to buy Full version? I don't know, but, so,  i'am fed up and I'm definetely not going to spend my money on such buggy software activations

  • Lily


    When you change the hardware, your computer is treated as a new one in our system.

    Thus, you have to go to your account on our website and deactivate Capture One Express from the Manage License section -

    Learn more in this article:


    Then restart Capture One and activate it once again.



  • Felix Giebeler

    Hi dear Team,

    I had to reinstall Windows on my computer including Capture One. Now at entering the license key I get the announcement that the key is activated on another device which isn´t true.

    Thank´s for your Help in advance,


  • Florian Cornillet

    Dear Capture One,

    I recently changed my hardware and want to use my capture one express fujifilm account on this new computer. 

    I downloaded capture one express through my account but it asks me for a licence key that I can't find anymore. I tried to access it through manage my licences and order history: you then asked me for my email address but I did not receive anything. 

    I dont intend to use capture one express on my old computer, I simply want to use it on the new one and access my catalog.

    Thanks in advance,


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