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Can I use two monitors while working with Capture One?



  • Mike Parker


    May I ask why the large browser is not available on windows? That is an important feature and I'm not sure why it would be a mac only option.



  • Lily

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for your question.

    Indeed, there is no option for Large Browser in the Dual Monitor mode on Windows currently, so I will forward your feature request to the Product Management team.

    Hopefully your feedback contributes towards a future version of Capture One.


  • Patrick Eisen

    I just run into the same question why is there no large browser. Then I found this article and it did not work because I'm running a windows system.

    Thanks for addressing this issue.


  • Alan Joseph

    I just switched platforms from Mac to PC with Windows, and I am missing my dual monitor with large browser option as well. Please enable the dual monitor with large browser option in future updates please. 

  • Lily

    Hi Alan,

    Thank you for the comment.

    Indeed, the workspace Dual Monitor - Large Browser is not available in Capture One for Windows.

    Thus, I will submit your suggestion as a feature request to the Product Management team.

  • Alan Strutt

    I am using Mac, can I use a large tv as a 2nd monitor vertically. Does C1 allow you to rotate the viewer window  vertically , thanks

  • Sebastian Greensmith

    Another Windows user here who'd like the be able to use this feature. Doesn't really make sense for different versions to have different functionality. Please enable this.



  • Mike Parker

    Hi Lily!

    Any chance we can get a status update on this feature request?

  • Brian Creek

    Hi Lily,

    I'm running win10 64 bit with C1 21 Pro (  I can set up dual monitors, but can not get a toolbar to display on the viewer, it stays docked with the browser.  What am I doing wrong?

    Also, is there a way to increase the size of browser previews on a 4k monitor beyond the range of the slider or browser tools?



  • Patrick Eisen

    Welcome to the world of Windows.

    Which does not support everything written in the manual like separating the browser.

    You can use two monitors by staring off with the dual monitor workflow.

    Now you can move the browser to one and the viewer to the other side.

    But be aware of some misbehaviors.

    As some examples:

    the scaling of each individual monitor gets ignored. I have the browser on an old medium res EIZO ColorEdge and the viewer on a 4k EIZO ColorEdge.
    If you start on the 4k the browser is huge. If you start on the medium the menus in the viewer are tiny.

     Another one is F11 like in default windows will not get the viewer to full screen it is the F key

    If you have two color profiles it will be ignored too. The one where you start will be taken.

    and so on.


    It is working and I use it.
    But it is more a hate love then a love love.


    Do not get me wrong I love C1 because of the possibilities in editing and the color I love the color.
    But it seams dual monitor is not a common use case.

  • Trenton Read

    I’m using a Mac computer and need two viewing screens (one for client, one for photographer) and one work screen. Can we make the viewer a tool so I don’t have to use focus on my laptop screen please?

    Thank you

  • Josef

    I'm also trying to work on an Eizo ColorEdge CS2731 monitor and I want the browser to be on the Apple Ipad and I can't get it to move there, I move the mouse there but I can't seem to get the browser there.


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