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How do I activate a previous version of Capture One after upgrading?



  • Daniel Bordeleau

    J'ai acheté Capture One 13.1.0 pour Sony le 19 janvier dernier. et je souhaite le mettre à jour avec la dernière version.

    Il y a deux semaines que je tente d'activer la dernière mise à jour de Capture one 20 et je n'y arrive pas.

    La première fois que je l'ai fait, j'ai commis une erreur, j'ai activé la version Express au lieu de la version complète. J'essaie de revenir en arrière et je n'y arrive pas. Y-a-t-il quelqu'un quelque part qui peut m'aider?

  • Stefan Poli

    I didn't use Capture One 10 installed on one of my computers for a while. In the mean time I purchased Capture One 12 with (20)20 option that I downloaded at the time of release. For an unknown reason my Capture One 10 was deactivated and several attempts to reactivate failed despite the fact that these versions are also supported. Running the diagnostics showed that everything seems to be fine:

    Check 01: Success
    Check 02: BFEBFBFF000306C3 /
    Check 03: 2490804777
    Check 04: OK
    Check 05: 236
    Check 06: success
    Check 07: success

    However, I'm still receiving "Could not activate because the license code is invalid" which is wrong. The activation code is the one I received in the invoice (and found in my order history) at the time of purchasing Capture One 10 (used for a while without problems).

    The hardware equipment and OS are still the same.

    What should I do?

    Thank you,


  • Lily

    Hi Stefan,

    Thank you for your comment.

    After the upgrade from Capture One 10 to Capture One 12 (with 20 option), you received a new license code. This key was used for activating Capture One 12 while the key for Capture One 10 was deactivated as you upgraded.

    Anyway, the perpetual license code for newer Capture One versions can activate older software versions as well. Thus, feel free to use the Capture One 12 license code to activate Capture One 10.

  • James Bailey

    So how do I upgrade to C1P Nikon 13.1.2?  I am currently on build  

    I also want to upgrade to Catalina 10.15.6, and from what I gather I need to have 13.1.2 in order for everything to work OK.  

    A couple days ago I got an email notice about the new release, clicked on the link, but it took me to the free trial page. 

    While your editing features are awesome, your procedures seem unnecessarily complicated, and not very intuitive to those new to your platform.   thank you. 

  • Lily

    Hi James,

    Thank you for your comment and feedback provided.

    You do not necessarily need to update to Catalina 10.15.6 to run Capture One 20 (13.1.2).

    The earliest macOS version supported by Capture One 20 (13.1.2) is High Sierra macOS 10.13. Thus, the latest update will run on any computer with macOS 10.13.x or 10.14.x or 10.15.x (up to 10.15.6).

    Feel free to refer to this article on How to update Capture One for more information.

  • sally cole

    Hi I can not run above Capture one 10 on my computer. How do I activate this older version? The trial has just run out. I bought a subscription but the key does not work. 


  • Sagun Karmacharya

    HI, I had purchased Capture one Perpetual license. And for no reason, "on the same computer" it is asking for License Code and says "Could not activate because the activation limit has been reached." It is the same hardware! And I didn't even reinstall it or anything. WTH? How do I fix this?

  • Stefan Poli

    Here we are again: I had Capture One 20 (perpetual) installed on my computer for a while and it worked fine after its initial activation (subject to a previous message I sent in this thread). As before, I took a break of two months from using the program (personal reasons). In the meantime I decided to take advantage of a promotional offer (mid July this year) and upgrade to Capture One 21 (perpetual) which I did not install yet. Two weeks ago and today I tried to do some work in the old version (C1 20) still installed on my computer when this happened (may or may not be related to the new version (C1 21) that I recently purchased):
    - I've been doing some editing - just fine
    - I selected a bunch of images and expected to process them with the Batch tool: unfortunately, the queue seems to be empty, but active and only Stop button is available but ineffective (doesn't toggle back to Start)
    - I processed one image with Ctrl-D - it worked as expected after receiving a warning that the queue is still processing (note: it was empty for weeks)
    - After processing one image the Stop button could, eventually, be toggled even if the queue was empty (a bit odd because I remember that, normally if the queue is empty, Start/Stop button stays in Start state until something is placed in the queue for processing)
    - Trying to check if there are any license issues like in the past, I discovered that pressing Help-->License produces the following message:
    "Unable to establish connection to the Capture one activation server. Please try again later."
    Weird. Internet connection is fine, no firewall restrictions, no VPN, nothing changed on my computer in the last 6 months or so. Of course, there is no information populated in the license box coming from the server (same thing happened two weeks ago)
    - Checking for Updates (usually, it works fine) produces another error:
    "An error occurred while trying to get product information. A connection to the server could not be established. If the problem persists contact support." Odd...
    - The online help works fine but not the Resource Hub
    - The license state in Preferences still shows "Registered with update notifications" (which I only received once since I installed and activated the product).
    I finally remembered that on July 22, 2021 an e-mail sent form Capture One Team mentioned the following:
    "You may have experienced a server disruption when trying to visit and some of your other favorite websites. Due to a global outage of our third-party provider Akamai, our website and license services were unavailable. This incident has had a global effect on many other sites.

    We have been working with our partner to resolve this issue. You should now have access to our website and license services, where you can discover our newest update. . . "

    Does this impact my old C1 20 and licensing in any way? Can you tell me what is going on? I'm puzzled by the late behavior of C1 20. I plan to upgrade to C1 21 (which I bought and downloaded) but I need to know what's wrong first.

    Capture One is a great product by activation issues plagued the user experience with frustration in the last years. It's time to make it better and more user friendly. I know it's possible. Other products are really doing a great job.

    Thank you,

    Stefan (...a computer savvy guy and passionate photographer for more than 40 years)


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