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Capture One is crashing on export



  • Noob with a Nikon

    This is a workaround at best I would say, because it means C1 will not use the GPU anymore. 

  • FirstName LastName

    Экспорт не работает даже при отключенном OpenCl. 

  • Tomás Castro

    Two years later and a several hundred dollars in perpetual licenses and yet Capture One hasn't fixed the problem so I have to avoid using Hardware acceleration because C1 just won't handle my exports... how cool is that?

  • Clarence Pritchett

    The suggested solution does not work for me.


  • Jeffrey T. Skrob

    Capture one consistently and frequently crashes. Unable to perform edits on pictures without panics (-> not just a crash - the whole iMac crashes....need to restart the computer.....then open C1 again and after just a few pictures....crash again.

    I really considered Capture one a true alternative to the adobe suite - but this crash series has been going on for over a year now and it has not been resolved. If you don't fix this soon I'll be heading back to Adobe.


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