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How do I remove the red-eye effect?



  • Ian Coleman

    This really, really could use some "fleshing out." This is probably the most common and needed thing most users will do, and there's just not enough detail in this article. 

  • Charles Nyst

    I agree with Ian Coleman. Somewhat more information or a dedicated piece of software would be welcome. (I am not a professional photographer).

    I figured out that you should magnify the eye to 800%, use the brush (not the magic brush) with dimension 2 and the other parameters at 100. Saturation to -100. This will make it possible to change the color pixel by pixel. And that way you may keep the light reflection spot in the eye.

  • FirstName LastName

    Um, this needs to be an easy fix instead of creating a new layer and finding color, etc. In Bridge, i click the redeye correction tool, draw a little box around the eye and click, and the red becomes black. I have an image that has 19 people in it. Unfortunately I could not correct for it in camera so now I need to make layers?  Please make this task easier.


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