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How can I rename a Session or a Catalog?



  • PattiS

    Thank you this worked. Renaming a session within C1 was not working for me but this worked. I was getting an error that said 'Could not rename folder. The item is used by another process.' I am in Win10 

  • brauhaus

    Renaming a session or catalog seems like it should be a fairly basic operation that CaptureOne aught to support. 

  • Mark Colegrove

    agree with @brauhaus... you shouldn't need to leave C1 to rename sessions or catalogs. I fat-fingered naming a new catalog a moment ago and had to do a web search to figure this out.

  • Himmat Singh

    No. Capture One shows error against each file, saying it cannot process it. I had to revert to the old name of my Session.

    Please suggest a fail-safe method to do it.

  • David Michael Jacobs

    It works! Thank you Lily.

  • Julien Samani

    It does not create any catalog named as I want… It creates a folder : 2024-03-27 14.33

    Great ! A very simple task indeed… 


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