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  • Franco Amormino

    Just 2 simple questions: When C1 20 will be officially compatible with Big Sur? When the new update will be release?

    Actually ONE question.



  • jan zonneveld

    Jan Zonneveld, a few questions 

    1.Can you tell us when CO 20 (for Sony) will be officially compatible with Big Sur?

    2.When will the new update CO 13.1.4  be released?

    3.I read somewhere on your site that te best thing you can do is deactivate the used version CO 20

    and then open the compatible version CO 20 that will be 13.1.4. Have I that well understood?

    4. It is now 13 December 2020, there are just a few days left in 2020. Will CO succeed with that promise?

  • Mario Candelarezi

    Estimado Diego, tanto el CO20 como el CO21 intalados funcionan correctamente con Big Sur, excepto cuando trato de conectar el P25 por firewire. Al concectarlo la MAC colapsa. ¿hay algo que no haya contemplado? Gracias.

  • Jarosan

    Any chance you could backport Fujifilm X-S10 compatibility to Capture One 20? I cannot use CO20 and CO21 does not support Big Sur :(

  • Nathan Perkel

    Safe to do Big Sur and the update here? Tethering issues with Nikon / Fuji? 

  • Brandon Shigeta

    I'm on Big Sur and my Fuji GFX 100 will only tether with live view in C1 20, not C1 21 where I get the "live view is not supported for the connected device using ptp" problem.But that seems to be a long standing problem. 

  • Donald MacQueen

    Why does this page still reference and link to 13.1.4 (near the top it says "Download Capture One 20 (13.1.4) here." ) when 14.0.2 is the current version? Why not put in a link that always leads to the most current version?

  • Stephen Waddington

    Because many of us haven’t bought Capture One 21 and 13.1.4 is the latest version of Capture One 20, and the version that is compatible with Big Sur.

  • Donald MacQueen

    Oh, yeah, sorry. I didn't read carefully enough. Thanks!

  • Ben McPhee

    A little while back, weeks after a new version of Mac OS came out and no issues had been reported by Capture, I upgraded. It broke processing.

    I inquired about when a fix would be coming and was told there wasn't one. I had to upgrade Capture (I was one version behind, and a new version was about to be released which I was waiting on).

    Very disappointed to see you still don't seem to care about your legacy products and users - even those who've been with you for years and are mostly up to date.

    One generation back (12-18 months) is still something you should support. You are professional developers who charge for your software and you're aiming at professionals. Can't fully trust you when you behave like that.

  • Jarosan

    For everyone who is following this thread. Capture one 21 (14.0.2) now officially supports Big Sur!

    *macOS 11 is supported for builds up to 11.1



    PS. My Capture One 21 Express for Fujifilm ( still crashes every second launch ;( Although once started it is working stable.

  • Philipp Schmidt

    Hi Diego,

    I have issues to use tethering for a Nikon d300s. 

    I am using capture21 and have updated my Mac to macOS big sur (11.2.1). In some forums I read that tethering is supported, sometimes that there are still issues. 

    Could you let me know about my specific case? What options do I have in case tethering would be not supported?




    I search a way to update to macOS 12.2. Only macOS 12.3.1 is available now....

    Thank you!

  • heather barnes

    Does c1 22 work with Mac Monterey 12.2? I cannot get it to read my card or tether my camera. I am so frustrated and bought the license!!! I thought it would be simpler but may go back to LR. :.( 

  • Jill Wachter

    I purchased Capture One 22 upgrade to work with Big Sur, & 2 months later nothing is working & I can not get a refund. No version of Capture One works on my computer now. Capture One is not cooperating with my credit card company who is disputing the charge. No one will get on the phone or zoom with me to get this fixed. Purchased June 19, 2022 & now it is August 22, 2022. I cna't tether for jobs, the sole reason I bought this software.


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