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For users running the latest macOS



  • Mark Noormann

    Hey ! You as professial develeoper can download and test and modify your software right now.  I expect from Phase One as an professional Company an support for Big Sur right from the moment I can download it.

  • Myles Formby

    To be honest this isn't really acceptable.  Capture One is the most expensive software I pay for, more expensive than Photoshop and Lightroom combined.

    The developer version of Big Sur has been available since June Capture One should support it the moment it is released.


  • Art Altman

    Diego, thank you for the clear explanation.   Many of us are frustrated by the time lag of complying with new releases of Apple Mac OS because it looks like Apple provides beta releases well in advance of major and minor OS production releases.  We kind of expect product developers to at least jump on the late beta's to begin testing.  

    At the same time though you may be planning your own major release, as you often do for end of November (right?), and it could be a substantial diversion right now to try to make the current version work with Big Sur when you have a major release coming soon.

    I realize it's a tough call at times, where to assign precious programming resources.  Please do what you can.  It is reasonable to have to hold off for a few weeks when a new release of Mac OS becomes available but extended delays are very frustrating.

    What about the Apple ARM processors?  Apple has seeded the development community with ARM machines to test on.   At a minimum, I think you could test the Intel version of Capture One to see whether it works via the Rosetta 2 translator on Apple ARM machines.   Certainly it will take time to do a native ARM version of Capture One but at least if you could test the Intel version on Rosetta 2 on ARM machine, that would be a big benefit to your clients.

    I think that Adobe plans to have native ARM versions available on day one of the release of the Apple ARM machines.  At the least, you should try to test your Intel version on Rosetta 2.

    Thank you.

  • Rick Proctor

    This is an incredibly unprofessional way to communicate with your customers. The annual upgrade cycle is very predictable, the betas have been available since June and are very stable for betas. You've had time to make any necessary changes, and you're instead blaming Apple.

  • Gustavo Pizano

    Hello Diego.
    If im not mistaken tethering got broken on a cycle update and not on the major os release.
    As a mac/ios developer myself, I understand and support when u say that people shall hold for a couple of weeks until app developers stabilizes their apps. What i have always seen shady in capture one is the fact that u stop support on current version of the OS(or incoming version) with the current C1 version, then a month later, new C1 version comes out with support for that OS and leave everyone in the air, making us buy either subscription or a new version license.
    I guess is ur marketing strategy. Lets hope at least C1-21 will come with Metal support that will bring tons of benefits, and drop that dying dinosaur (openCL) where it belongs.

  • Georg Metz

    Dear developers at Phase One, please read TODAY'S release notes of Affinity software:

    "1.8.6 for macOS is here!
    And it’s fully optimized for the next generation of Mac.

    Ready to go on Apple’s new macOS Big Sur and primed to deliver superfast performance on Macs with M1 chips, our latest update to the macOS versions of our apps means huge performance gains."

    So, do you really believe that your update progress and this kind of communication is acceptable for your customers in any kind? That's funny! Ehhhm..... no, it's not.




  • Darryl Young

    Thanks for sharing, Diego. As a software engineer I understand how difficult it can be to keep up with major OS updates while also trying to focus on your features but I think the message might've been a little better if there was some indication as to when you're aiming to actually support Big Sur with current versions of Capture One. I really hope we don't see Capture One 21 appear next month with full Big Sur support but prior versions left with no support and no message of whether support will even come.

    The Big Sur developer betas have been out since WWDC. I think, maybe next year, it would be nicer for your customers if you'd share this news earlier as I imagine it's been known for a while that this would be the case. Many people are already running the almost-GM builds of Big Sur and finding out Capture One won't be supported, so close to release, is a little disappointing.

    Anyway, I get that software development is hard and that it gets substantially harder when you're working on something as popular as Capture One. Thanks for all that you've done so far and I wish you the best of the luck with everything moving forwards.

  • Ken Ng

    After reading this thread and the C1 21 pre order page, I’m starting to be a little disappointed that I chosen C1 as my alternative to being an Adobe subscription hostage. Especially with the way C1 handles feature upgrades, it just feels like they are doing the exact same Adobe playbook. Perhaps they always had and I never noticed. I did a bit of Googling and found the C1 21 beta release notes and if what I saw was indicative of how C1 introduces features that I would have assumed they would have included as a feature upgrade as part of an existing version (new format support, faster performance, new OS support, etc) it makes it just as bad as Adobe. The upgrade pricing is not attractive at all and seems to really be pushing you towards the yearly subscription model instead.

  • Lyubomir Lyubenov

    This might be valid for fixed license users, who more or less are on their own with the support, but you have no excuse for the subscription users, who are giving away good money for you to be well prepared new OS releases. And while you are in drama for a new OS, what about the expected Apple Silicon - do you realize how important it is for photography users to get support on this one ASAP and that it can be a real deal “for our workflow”?

  • Nassim Abed

    The question is, will there be a patch for version 20 to work on the new Mac OS? Or will we be forced to purchase version 21?

  • Ken Ng

    I'm running C1 20 (build on the Big Sur beta at the moment. While it may not be officially, C1 20 seems to work fine in most cases for me. Had not encountered any issue thus far. But having said that, I'm not a power user and my Fuji X100F is not a supported camera for the live view mode.

  • Niranjan Nanda

    What this guy is talking about? Why can't C1 download the betas and test themselves? Don't you guys have spare machines? 

    Their product might be good, but the support is useless. 

  • Peter Hawkes

    I have had no problems with Big Sur and v20. Like you Michael a lover of C1 but their customer service with a lengthy ‘coming soon’ campaign and two underwhelming preview sessions is leaving a lot to be desired! I do hope v21 keeps making their superior RAW processor better than ever but highlighting keyboard shortcuts and a dehaze slider is not currently filling me with confidence!!

  • Michael Tristram

    When will Capture one support Big Sur? The new Mac OS has been released for weeks now! It is now Dec 6 2020 and you referenced 2020 as when C1 Pro will support the new OS, just sort it out or release new version of C1 Pro 21 that does support it.

    I love C1 Pro and have committed to the new C1 Pro 21 release too and want to upgrade my Mac OS, but am waiting on you guys as I need C1. 

  • Franco Amormino

    Just 2 simple questions: When C1 20 will be officially compatible with Big Sur? When the new update will be release?

    Actually ONE question.



  • Stephen Waddington

    21 may have been released and compatible, but this still doesn't say if Capture One 20 is compatible with Big Sur.

  • Brandon Shigeta

    Looks like Adobe just announced Lightroom Classic 10.x support on Big Sur 3 hours ago. Worst case scenario I can use Lightroom if C1 breaks.

  • Ofir Abramov

    and now? 


    I bought my license a month ago. You knew Big Sur was coming.

    If Capture One does not work, I will be seeking a refund or free upgrade.


    • The OS itself can contain bugs which can hinder your workflow drastically

    Does Apple know you are saying this?

  • alessandro cecconi

    What you people seem to forget ( or the newbies do not know) is that it is Capture one modus operandi every year since version 7 to make the same recommendation. At the same time coincidentally they come out with a new version that IS compatible with the new system... some would say this is a shady tactic... I dont know. But the facts are these... Mid Nov new OSX that is incompatible ( or not supported)  and at the same time a paid upgrade that is... you guessed supported. 😂

  • Peter Hawkes

    Fully accept that waiting is a good option having learnt from bitter experience that software says it is OS compliant as tested on the BETA and then for Apple to make a slight change before releasing to the public!!

    Would still expect C1 to give its loyal users a taster of what is to come and some idea of release like Skylum have done with their Luminar users :(


    I see they have changed the headline of this. It used to say "Capture One does not support MacOS 11.0 (Big Sur)", which I thought was a little 'tail wagging the dog'.

    I would have hoped for a warning when I bought my license last month: "will not work with the upcoming macOS 11".....they knew it was coming.

    As far as I am concerned, this is their Gerald Ratner moment.

  • Peter Hawkes

    Does 21 work with Big Sur or is that in development as well as a patch for 20?

  • Gustavo Pizano

    Apart from the 4 "new" features you are promoting in it...

    Does it has...

    Metal support? 

    Better performance?


    And finally! Why did you change the topic's title once again. This topic was related to CaptureOne 20 on macOS Big Sur!, not just to change it feed us with marketing stuff on c21.  

    Seriously, I'd have rather have no new feature and instead improve the current ones and fix the known bugs. Make under the hood changes. Maybe then I would be taking my wallet at this moment and buying it.  


  • Horst Fischer

    Wie ich oben schon geschrieben habe, funktioniert meine C1 20 (Version mit Big Sur ohne Einschränkung.

    In unserem Capture One Forum in FB haben viele von Catalina auf Big Sur aktualisiert und C1 20 läuft auch bei anderen!

    Ich hatte auch Bedenken auf Big Sur zu Upgraden.

    Aber, wer nichts wagt, der nicht gewinnt 😎


    Es hält aber niemanden davon ab die neue C1 21 zu kaufen, die es ja so auch noch nicht gibt 😉


  • Mirosław Żak

    This is a mockery! When will you comment on this C1 Dev?

  • Ben McPhee

    A little while back, weeks after a new version of Mac OS came out and no issues had been reported by Capture, I upgraded. It broke processing.

    I inquired about when a fix would be coming and was told there wasn't one. I had to upgrade Capture (I was one version behind, and a new version was about to be released which I was waiting on).

    Very disappointed to see you still don't seem to care about your legacy products and users - even those who've been with you for years and are mostly up to date.

    One generation back (12-18 months) is still something you should support. You are professional developers who charge for your software and you're aiming at professionals. Can't fully trust you when you behave like that.

  • Etienne Boeziek

    I would definitely appreciate testing C1 v12 too and perhaps a small update to maintain OS compatibility. These apps are all 64bits and should continue working for a few years.

    I am not ready yet to buy every upgrade.

  • Philipp Schmidt

    Hi Diego,

    I have issues to use tethering for a Nikon d300s. 

    I am using capture21 and have updated my Mac to macOS big sur (11.2.1). In some forums I read that tethering is supported, sometimes that there are still issues. 

    Could you let me know about my specific case? What options do I have in case tethering would be not supported?


  • jan zonneveld

    Jan Zonneveld, a few questions 

    1.Can you tell us when CO 20 (for Sony) will be officially compatible with Big Sur?

    2.When will the new update CO 13.1.4  be released?

    3.I read somewhere on your site that te best thing you can do is deactivate the used version CO 20

    and then open the compatible version CO 20 that will be 13.1.4. Have I that well understood?

    4. It is now 13 December 2020, there are just a few days left in 2020. Will CO succeed with that promise?


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