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Capture One 21 FAQ



  • I vy

    @Jack (author)

    I'm considering purchasing Capture One 20 right now and the recent Capture One 21 pre-order announcement is sadly putting me off.

    You said above:

    "Users who have recently purchased a Capture One 20 upgrade

    You can pre-order an upgrade to Capture One 21 and get a 20% discount on top of the special price offered to you as an existing user. You will also receive a free Styles Pack with this purchase. Simply log in to your account on our website and go to the upgrade store. Then insert your existing Capture One license key to see the upgrade prices in your local currency."

    However as someone who hasn't owned Capture One before it is not clear to me what the cost of an upgrade entails? i.e. what is the the special price offered to existing users like?

    Also when you say "You will also receive a free Styles Pack with this purchase." is this your entire styles pack and if not what exactly?

    Someone mentioned in the FAQ that anyone who purchased Capture One 20 prior to a certain date in September (didn't mention the exact date) will be eligible for a FREE upgrade to Capture One 21. Can you confirm this and if so what the eligible date in September is for the FREE update form CO 20 to CO 21.

  • Lily

    Hi I vy,

    Thank you for your comment.

    The upgrade is offered to the existing users only, those who have perpetual licenses.

    New customers can either buy a perpetual license for a certain Capture One version or get a subscription plan depending on your preferences.


  • I vy


    All right so that's a no then, but in that case I don't understand the comment further up this thread by a resent purchaser of Capture One 20 who mentions a date in September as being the cut of date prior to which he was not entitled to a FREE upgrade to Capture One 21 i.e. this comment indicates a specific date in September after recent purchases will receive a FREE upgrade.

    You clearly monitor this thread and nobody from your team has posted anything contrary to the previous post, which again seems to indicate that there is some merit to the concerned user (I believe it was PaulW of the top of my head).

    Reading this thread and even now with all the feedback I received from you and your team I am still no better off than I was before and sadly just as confused about the response or lack thereof towards the existing customers who I was looking forward to joining.

  • I vy


    Also I don't believe you answered my other question:

    "Also when you say "You will also receive a free Styles Pack with this purchase." is this your entire styles pack and if not what exactly?"

    Hope I don't seem like a pain in the you know what, but I simply like to be clear about what to expect from Capture One going forward. I'm looking to commit to a product right now, hence my frustration about knowing that you've already announced a new product for pre-order but don't seem to offer a clear path for anyone looking to buy into Capture One right now and the run up to your new product release.

  • I vy


    PS A colleague of yours pointed me to your own previous post 4 days ago titled;

    All about Capture One licenses

    In there it states:

    "If you have purchased Capture One shortly before the newest major release came out, check whether there are any free upgrades outlined in the specifications of your license which can be found by visiting our website and navigating to My Account -> Manage licenses->  License Management -> [perpetual license]. If your license contains a free upgrade, it allows you to activate the next major upgrade of Capture One at no extra cost."

    ... but again this is ambiguous especially the bit which states: "if your license contains a free upgrade"

    How on earth will we know "IF" it will or won't unless you specify in advance that it will for purchases after a certain date?

  • Jürgen Bender

    @ Liliy: I did sign up for our Beta Tester Program but can't find the "C1 21 beta" download link or anything about beta testing in my account.

    And... I don't want buy "a pig in a poke" aka "die katze im sack"


  • Christo van Rensburg

    No, I am not going to fall for that. Paying for an upgrade when you don't tell us what it will offer? Rather arrogant I reckon. I will upgrade DxO PhotoLab however, because they have announced some really cool new features.

  • FirstName LastName

    I also upgraded DXO instead of C1. Their fault...

  • I vy

    As much as I hated the whole idea of  "subscription" based license it looks like Adobe will get my money from now on.

    I can't quite believe it but their entire Photography Package including Lightroom & Lightroom Classic & Photoshop ... all synchronised across multiple devices with 20GB of Cloud Storage included as basic is superb value for money, especially right now with their Black Friday deal (UK), and they have already announced upcoming features for 2021 even though they just released version 10 recently which include a whole host of AI Filters on top of a whole host of other things they are undoubtedly working on.

    There's a lot of thing that excite me even about their upcoming Neural filters ...

    Featured Neural Filters: Skin Smoothing, Style Transfer 

    Beta Neural Filters: Smart Portrait, Makeup Transfer, Depth-Aware Haze, Colorize, Super Zoom, JPEG Artifacts Removal

    Future Neural Filters: Photo Restoration, Dust and Scratches, Noise Reduction, Face Cleanup, Photo to Sketch, Sketch to Portrait, Pencil Artwork, Face to Caricature

    ... and all this for only $9.99 or £8.32 (Black Friday 16% off) if you're in the UK like me

    Capture One 20 just doesn't make sense right now, even with a "secret" update Even if I do the maths:

    £8.32 x 12 = £99.84 for the first year alone
    £9.99 x 12 = £119.88 for the second year
    £9.99 x 12 = £119.88 for the third year

    £339.60 is the approx cost of 3 years Adobe Photography Package which is more or less what a single perpetual license of Capture One 2020 will set me back without even a promise of a free upgrade to Capture One 2021 "secret" edition.

    Capture One could very well be as great as all the recommendations I got, but sadly there is just no way on earth I can possibly justify this sort of expenditure.

  • Sebastian Stalka

    Witam, zakupiłem licencję na CO20 i nie wchodzi mi licencja itd. Czy jst ktoś w stanie pomóc ponieważ napisałem 3 meile i zero odpowiedzi ( znaczy odpowiedzi były na zasadzie poszukaj sobie). 

    Wyskakuje - cały czas błąd połączenia z serwerem , aby sprawdzić profil.
    Próbuje opcję ręczna, ale nie mogę znaleźć nigdzie klucza aktywacyjnego. 
    Mam kod licencyjny, klucz rejestracyjny brakuje mi klucz aktywacyjny ...

    Proszę o pomoc koleżanki i kolegów. 

  • Lily

    Hi Ivy,

    That user bought the license in early September, the option for existing users who would like to run Capture One 21 in future by pre-ordering an upgrade for their perpetual licenses started in late October.

    As for the Styles Pack coming together with the upgrade upon purchase, this is one of the Capture One Style Packs containing the collection of Styles on a certain topic/theme. There are also many other Style Packs available in the web-shop.

    When you purchase a license shortly before the new major release (e.g. Capture One 21) comes out, your license contains a free upgrade. Apparently, each year the dates are different, however, the Capture One newsletters usually represent the corresponding announcements.


  • Lily

    Hi Jürgen,

    Thank you for the comment.

    You should log into your account at first.

    Then you will see the Beta Tester section if you have signed up for the Beta Tester Program previously. Click on it and you will see the NDA. After reading and confirming it, you will get the license key to activate Capture One Beta as well as the download package containing the software file together with the documentation.

  • Lily

    Hi Sebastian,

    As far as I see, you have recently managed to activate Capture One.

    Please let me know if that works for you now.

  • Bruce Miller

    I agree with the majority of the posters. Refusing to tell the customer what is in the upgrade is not ethical. 

    The products are excellent but not cheap. And  their shelf lives are getting shorter with each release. 

    I'm sure the company's hardware division is likely suffering from virus travel related business. However, trying dubious software marketing tactics won't keep customer satisfaction and company reputation positive for very long. Please reconsider your marketing strategy. The current method won't work twice. 

    good luck. 


  • Bruce Miller


    Judging by the comments of your long term users, along with my own experiences, Capture One has 

    far too complicated their offerings. I understand cash flow is likely on life support now, but marketing which leaves your core customers unhappy is a death wish. Think about marketing as if to yourself. How would you like to be informed/treated as a client rather than your sales team resorting to the current offering. I agree with the   previous poster, I'd give the sales team that came up with this stinker their termination notices.  

  • Ritika Mittal

    hi, if  I purchase C1  now, will I qualify for the free update to C1 21?

    There isn't a clear answer

  • Tone Cámara

    @Roberto Lugones, qué problema tienes con la RX580?

  • Randy Henderson

    So, will there be ANY new features? Functionality? Improvements? Can't say? Well, I know I wouldn't prepay for a new vehicle without knowing what I'm getting. Same applies for software...even with a discount. Why would I pay for the exact same thing? Pass.

  • Jacek Szudrowicz

    Dear friends,

    i bought CO20 yesterday. Immediately after the purchase, I received the information that I can BUY pre-order the CO21 license! I feel like I got a kick in the face right now ... If I knew that CO21 coming soon and I didn't get a free update, I wouldn't spend any money on software for a while! At this point, CO21 costs me 116.22 € for CO20 + 103.20 € for CO21 pre-order = 219.42 € in total. If the regular price of CO21 is lower than 219.42 € and I don't get the free upgrade to CO21 - I'm leaving. Then you managed to cheat me, but remember -  last time!

    You can see with the naked eye that you are entering a financial crisis. Frame the words of Bruce Miller and hang it in front of your desk.

  • Ritika Mittal

    To answer to own question a few posts before. If you purchase the C1 license now, it will not include the free upgrade to C1 21.


  • Matthew Stough

    So, a few weeks have past, several of your present and perhaps future customers who really do want to like the product, use the product, and depend on the product for their hobby to profession, have asked very simple questions.

    • What are the new features in CO 21?
    • What is the cut-off date if you just purchased CO 20 that makes CO 21 a free upgrade?
    • When is CO 21 expected to be released?

    From what I can gather, with all due respect Lily, Phase One Capture One team members really do not know how to sell the product, connect to customers, or, perhaps simply don't care about the customer.  While you believe your blogs, websites, and other media about CO20 and CO21 are sufficient, I believe two recent threads are very actively telling "no, they tell us nothing."  (Hence the questions.)  Those threads are this one about upgrading to CO21, and the one asking "When will CO20 support HEIC format?"

    Why not try something different?

    Why not just answer those questions?

    Are you afraid of mass exodus of customers, or too many flocking to your product?  Keep up the present ambiguous methods and the former will certainly occur.  Change your ways and answer the questions, the simple questions, and reap the benefits of enthusiastic rather than angered present and future customers.

  • Pompeyo cacomartinenez8

    Gracias Jack!
    Muy útil e interesante tu artículo, ahora se que que puedo haber sido algo inocente al no haber distinguido las diferencias retrae reserva y licencia, pero por ahora lo que más me importa es saber si recibiremos el aviso del nuevo código.
    Mi procedimiento ha sido muy de principiante, al punto que no se con quien hice la Pre-Compra, pero yo creo en la buena voluntad de las persona.
    Saludos y gracias por todo y ya se que debo de esperar.

  • Charlie Hoffman

    Good Morning, Like many others posted above. I purchased the higher priced purpetuial license for Nikon cameras with the clearly expressed language that upgrades would be free. I would like to know when and how that free upgrade will be done?

    Thank you so much 

  • Wolfgang Hartmann

    Hallo, ich hatte am 11.11.2020 auch die Version CO Pro 20 verkauft und am 19.11.2020 das kommende Upgrade auf CO Pro 21 verkauft. Heute am 20.11.2020 habe ich einen Auftrag und wollte Raw Bilder bearbeiten aber meine Co Pro 20 Version startet nicht mehr. Ich hatte die Lizenz Schlüssel Berechtigte und erhalten nun die Meldung das diese jetzt falsch ist.

    Ich hatte den Support, der zu Kontaktieren gehört, leider leider keine andere Telefonnummer finden. Auch per Mail mit der bitte sehr Eilig um zu Antworten, da ich einen Fotoauftrag heute fertig stellen muss. Leider immer noch keine Antwort bekommen bekommen. So was finde ich sehr unprofessionell von einem Unternehmen. 

    Wurde von CO die Version CO 20 deaktiviert, obwohl ich die neue Version CO 21 noch nicht erhalten habe. Ich bin sehr, SEHR verärgert !!! Das Geld haben sie schon und ich kann mit meiner 20er Version nicht mehr arbeiten. Hochachtungsvoll und VERÄRGERT W.


  • Wolfgang Hartmann

    Das Übersetzungsprogramm auf dieser Seite, ist auch hier eine Katastrophe. W. Hartmann 

  • Wolfgang Hartmann

    Hallo, ich hatte am 11.11.2020 die Version CO Pro 20 gekauft und am 19.11.2020 das kommende Upgrade auf CO Pro 21 erworben. 

    Heute am 20.11.2020 habe ich einen Foto Auftrag und will Raw Bilder bearbeiten, aber meine Co Pro 20 Version startet nicht mehr. 

    Ich hatte den Lizenz Schlüssel erneut eingegeben und erhielt die Meldung das diese jetzt falsch ist.

    Ich hatte den Support versucht  zu kontaktieren, leider keine Telefon  Nummer auf der Support Seite gefunden. 

    Auch per Mail mit der bitte sehr Eilig zu antworten, da ich einen Fotoauftrag heute fertige stellen muss. 

    Leider immer noch keine Antwort bekommen. 

    So was finde ich sehr unprofessionell von einem Unternehmen. 

    Wurde vorab von CO die Version CO 20 deaktiviert, obwohl ich die neue Version CO 21 noch nicht erhalten habe. 

    Ich bin sehr, SEHR verärgert !!! 

    Das Geld haben sie schon und ich kann mit meiner 20er Version nicht mehr arbeiten. 

    Hochachtungsvoll und VERÄRGERT W. Hartmann > Hoffe das dieser Text jetzt richtig angezeigt wird!

  • Brendan Pyatt

    This is a total mess. In order to see the new features you want me to install a beta grade program on my system? Are you insane? Or should I have another system just to check out your new features? Seriously make a video, show us a demo or shut up. Actually if you wrote to me and said we need the money, due to pandemic, I might consider a pre-order.

    The way you are doing this and more than that the fact that your customers are so confused and you don't seem to care or listen makes me think of Adobe..Is that what you want?

    Blah. blah, blah  - its all been said in previous posts but you (PhaseOne) just don't seem to want to hear....

    I love that you are trying convince us (and you) that pre-ordering an unknown product is standard procedure...


  • Bruce Miller

    Capture One, are you listening? 

    You've got more dedicated users who aren't happy with your marketing team than any product I can recall 

    ever following. Brendan Pyatt is right, this is a mess, and you're burning through your customer base goodwill and trust like a drunk sailor on shore leave. And with the collapse of hardware sales, I'm not sure you've got many cards left to play. 

    On the Capture One into video #2, David

    Suggestion for your comments section, PLEASE put the latest comments first, and save your dedicated followers the hassle of scrolling through previously viewed pages every time we log on. Current layout is unnecessarily elongated. WE WANT THE LATEST COMMENTS FIRST, PLEASE. 

    And last suggestion: Consider to stop doubling down in this goofy idea of selling a surprise package at some arbitrary discount. IT ISN'T GOING TO WORK and it appears to be damaging a reputation a team has worked very hard to establish.  In a company with cash flow issues, doubling down is suicide. The initial negative feedback should have resulted in management scheduling a serious chat with the marketing team. This lot is sinking your ship.  Nobody is going for trust your future promotions. Nobody. 

  • Dominic Lester

    I have pre ordered 21 but will the Nikon Z6/7 ii Nefs be compatible in

    20 soon please? Also will 21 work on the new M1 macs ?


  • david mane

    So I’m not allowed to ask what the difference is between Capture One Pro and Capture One 21? Is Capture One Pro going to turn into the poor cousin getting more and more left behind until we all upgrade because most Capture One users want the best. You do of course know that this Whole thing sounds fishy.


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