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Capture One 21 (14.0.2) release notes



  • James Grove

    Superb thank you!

  • FirstName LastName

    Hi Lily when capturing one pro 20 nikon will integrate the new z6ii? Thank you

  • Mikhail Davydov

    On the product page it says "* macOS 11.0 is supported for builds up to 11.0.1"

    On the release notes on this page it's "*macOS 11 is supported for builds up to 11.1"

    Which one is right 11.0.1 or 11.1?

  • James Kachan

    When will C1 support and optimize for M based Macs?

    When will Metal be supported to the fullest extent along with a proper Universal version?

  • Barry Justice

    The blocking and pixelization when using the healing brush still not fixed?   ............. or even acknowledged as a known issue.

  • Yoann Lee

    The Panasonic S1RM & S1M add what?
    The M version is just the Panasonic name for their kit lens cameras. I don't really see the point as they are the same as S1 & S1R without M and recognized as S1 & S1R, not S1M or S1RM inside C1 (and the lenses still haven't any profile in C1 btw). Maybe a beginning of recognition for the L mount lenses and cameras to come? Hope so!

    I hoped C1 will finally recognize the ratio (1:1, 4:3, 65:24...) and the color profile we used in-camera, but after testing with my S1R, nothing...

    Please, make it happened C1, we have been waiting for so long for those simple things!

  • AL23

    I second the question re S1RM & S1M. What is this "added" support about?

  • Lily

    Hi @FirstName LastName,

    There are no service releases for Capture One 20 expected yet.

  • Lily

    Hi Mikhail,

    Thank you for the note.

    The "11.1" is the right one.

  • Emanuel Feruzi

    Hi Lilly,

    Is there a workaround for macOS build 11.2 as it crushes after exporting 4 images?

    Is there a workaround anyone?

  • Terry Hyde

    Hi Lilly,

    In latest ver when using the clone brush tool it locks program completely on Mac M1 and have to re boot each time. Is there a fix.


  • Mikkail Pivikov

    Hello. Add please delay option in live view (1,2,3-5 sec etc)

    + it would be great to see a Live view button on toolbar.

  • Deirdre Ryan

    Hi there!

    I saw a post somewhere that Version 21 supports ARM on the new Macs. I cannot see in the system requirements that ARM is supported or not. 

    I had no choice but to finally get a new desktop and laptop after 10 years.


  • abdullah bokhador

    Hello, Laila, I have a version of Captur One 20 and I have done a process to download version 21 one (14.0.2), but he refuses to respond and because there are no upgrades on version 20.


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