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Is there a history of editing steps?



  • Andre Hassid

    There is no Adjustment Clipboard under the Adjustment Menu!  Really need a panel of history like they have in LR.  

  • Lily

    Hi Andre,

    You can add the Adjustment Clipboard if for some reason it is not in its default location.

    Click anywhere in the Tool Tab area and select Add Tool -> Adjustment Clipboard.

  • csc14us

    Even when I make adjustments to my picture, that clipboard is empty. What am I doing wrong?

  • Barb

    Clipboard is empty for me too. So if I have added an adjustment layer, once the program is closed it is embedded and cannot be adjusted again?? 

    Edit: I have now worked it out - you have to copy the adjustments to the clipboard and then they are available to view. 

    Strangely all of my adjustment layers had disappeared, as if they were burned into the variant, however an update of C1 and a restart and they are all back. 


  • Noob with a Nikon

    Well there's the "history" of the changes in Edit->Undo/Redo. Would it be very difficult to display this history chronologically in it's own toolbox?

  • FirstName LastName

    Oh, I so much miss the history pannel from LR. Would be so great to create one for capture one as well.


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