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How do I import images from external media into a Catalog?



  • Laura Larmo

    Hi Maryna,

    I'd like to know if the interface of the Importer can be modified, i.e. would it be possible to choose what to show on the thumbnails of the images that are being chosen for import — more specifically I'd like to be able to display the rating and the color tags that have been applied previously. (Also because that the tags + ratings do show in the editing interface AND the view sorting by Rating is possible.)

    In most cases, I use Photo Mechanic for applying the metadata, and I'm already color tagging and rating the photos in that phase. I know that I can send only selected (tagged + rated) photos from Photo Mechanic directly to Capture One for editing, but I think it would be good idea to be able to see the tags + ratings in the Import window too.

    Or is this already possible but I just didn't find where to modify it...?



  • Alfonso Rojas

    Hello there, I purchased C1 today and I'm not able to import photos from my camera?  Any thoughts?  I know my camera is supported because I can shoot tethered(Nikon z5), but the only way for me to get my photos off my camera is to import them into Lightroom and then import from Lightroom to C1, which is not efficient.  Thoughts or ideas why this is occurring?  I've gone through the forums and cannot find this topic.




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