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Capture One 21 (14.3.0) release notes



  • Brad Trent

    What possible reason would there be for getting rid of the Output Tool Tab?!! Why on Earth replace a simple and elegant one-button process button with a pull-down menu bar solution??? And I didn’t see in the Bug Fixes anything about how the app consistently will destroy layers after transferring a session folder from a tethered laptop to a desktop computer and opening the session for the first time! Ever since C1 v20 came out, this has been a MAJOR ISSUE, but you guys act like you have no idea what we’re talking about, or at best, you seem to think it’s no big deal. Lemme tell you’s a bloody big deal!!! I just shot a gig last week and some files had 6-8 layers that were totally wiped out after I moved the session folder onto my desktop computer and opened the session! I had to transfer the session three times (!!!) from my laptop onto my desktop before Capture One stopped killing the layers!!! COME ON......GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND STOP MESSING WITH THE APP BY ADDING ‘FEATURES’ NOBODY ASKED FOR AND FIX THE PROBLEMS THAT ALL OF OF US PROFESSIONALS HAVE TO DEAL WITH DAILY!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Rohrer

    Unless Im missing something, there seems to be no way to export in manually sorted order. This is a major problem for me as I need to sort and rename real estate photos for export. It also seems that when reopening the older version of C1, the Output Tool tab is gone. 

  • FirstName LastName

    Removing the Output tab and Batch Queue?! Are you kidding me?! This is absolutely unacceptable for professional users. Really, really disappointed in this. At the minimum, allow users to choose either the Output tab or the Export window––similar to how sessions and catalogs are user choice.

    The Batch Queue is extremely important and one of the features that really set Capture One apart from the rest. In a professional workflow environment, we may have thousands of images to process on a tight deadline. Having the ability to stop the queue and resume or to stop and reorder images in the queue is of critical importance. Guys, you really dropped the ball on this one. You really, really need to bring back these features.


  • Brett Moen

    HOLY SH*T this is a massive step into an unusable piece of software. I've been using this since 3.2.3 and this is the worst one yet... please reverse course and go back... you have removed all flexibility in exports. 

  • Brad Trent

    Tom...this nuking of the Output Tool Tab is ridiculous! I dare Phase to show me ONE person who says this is a good idea!!! 😡

  • Irene McCullagh

    As per Nicholas Dent above:

    Actually looking for 14.3.1 "we are sorry" with a nice and simple quick export window AND the powerful/advanced export tab/batch. :)

    YES PLEASE, I totally second that

  • Nicolas Det

    İ think the removal of a powerful tool like the export in CaptureOne is a major mistake.

    As fas as I know, CaptureOne was the only raw/editing/management software with such a powerful export tool.

    Sure it was advanced and as a such had a learning curves. So it's fine to add a quick/simple export function for casual projects.

    But now CaptureOne has the worst of both world:
    - for casual shooters, the new exporter is still too complicated and they will keep their existing software (likely Lr, which is also as subscription cheaper)
    - for professionals which will miss a precious tool. And fill bad.


    By the way, manual sorting is not possible anymore, pictures' names copy is not possible in the export window, changing the export window ui elements is not possible, the export window's position/size default can not be changed.

    On top, the new export window UI does not fit on a standard 13 inch laptop.

    CaptureOne team should only hire people who actually use the software too.

    So you just release an update which will cause misunderstanding and rejection from both current customers and potential new ones.

    I would highly suggest to rethink this move!
    Also most pros will think twice this year if there is a new major paid update...

    Really, make an essential and pro version of CaptureOne. Both sharing the same engine but keeping the right tools for both world.


    I will keep the 14.2 and wait for the team's reaction


    Actually looking for 14.3.1 "we are sorry" with a nice and simple quick export window AND the powerful/advanced export tab/batch. :)

  • Eric Fischer

    Are you kidding us with this removal of the Export and process recipe tabs?  What kind of joke is this? You are ruining an established, efficient, essential workflow of professional photographers.  God help us and fix this mess.

  • Irene McCullagh

    The Magic Brush is great but I would like it as a separate tool with its own icon for easy use.

    Like others have written above, I also hate the new exporter.  It is honestly way worse than the previous version/s.  And also it's not available as a floating tool palette.  Everything about it is more time consuming.  Major dislike


  • Zak Moore

    I'm not happy with the export option either for another reason. I have multiple monitors with controls laid out over all of them including what used to be the export tab. Now, I have to go select it and cant have it visible on my 2nd or 3rd monitor layout all the time. Also, I cannot select it as a floating tool. So, although the same feature is there, I'm hating this part of it!!!

  • Roderik Rotting

    Proper M1 tethering guys...  you can do this! You know this! make it a priority please! Make us proud users of the best pro software again! 

  • Nicolas Det

    CaptureOne 14.3 should not be installed for serious production. Keep 14.2 until the release a working version again..

  • Zixuan Yi


    我不得不回退版本到V14.2。我看不到我保持订阅CaptureOne Pro的意义所在。如果更新的版本更难用,我为什么要花钱来保持更新到最新版本?令人失望。

    此外,Live BETA 功能是一个创新,但并没有那么令人激动。要知道,Capture Pilot Web 已经足够使用了,我拥有自己的服务器,只需要做一下反向代理就可以用 Pilot 实现 Live 同样的功能。


  • Luke

    Hey Capture Team..... did your dev team consult with anyone using your program in a professional workflow before making changes to the output feature? These release notes should be an article in the Onion. I'm not even kidding that I thought it was satire on a social media meme page before I read the official release above. 

    I got some really solid feedback from commercial photographers I spoke with on this subject. "NEVER upgrading" was one that stood out. If your goal is to create a wider market by ousting your current users, you're doing just that. This is less money in your pockets from upgrades...

    My suggestion is this. Create a Pro-sumer Program, and a Professional Grade program. If you want to expand your market, shorten the learning curve with a program that works for people moving over from lightroom, then, allow them to upgrade when they need to use a professional level workflow. Not only will this expand the market, it will empower your markets to take baby steps with a program that is REQUIRED by many major brands I've worked with. You have the market already. Open it up to more users without shutting out the people that gave you the market in the first place.

    Thanks for listening. I saw on your social pages that there will be an announcement in 2 weeks about this release. I genuinely hope it's a full reinstatement of the tools needed for professional workflows. If it's not, you're headed down a road that will only trickle into larger costs for production companies, longer hours worked for digi techs in the industry, and an overall shift away from programs like this, meaning less money for your brand. You're opening up a door that I don't think you intended to, but shut it before it hurts your company. 

  • Ramon B Rodriguez

    Using Mac Book Air with MacOS Big Sur 11.5. Not to talk about the strange idea of eliminating the export tab and put instead that awkward popup export window... first seemed to work ok, and after exporting a few images, all files come out just corrupted, all formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG and PSD. Since the big goof made with the Leica Q2 ICC profile time ago, that took a few months for CO to fix, haven't seen anything like this.

    Does anyone really deep test this software before releasing...??? 

    Did you notice now I am a very 😡😡😡😡😡 user...???

  • Brian Wetzel

    "seems to be no way to export in manually sorted order. This is a major problem"  Agreed!!!  Please fix! 



  • Nicolas Det

    You can simply install the old version "over" the new one. No need to reactivate it.

  • Julian Foglietti

    Really? You got rid of the output tab????? Are you nuts??? Thanks for removing usability from an app, this one thing has completely fucked my Ecom workflow. Just because you add a feature, doesn't mean you need to take others away, at least give us the option still….

  • kai

    CaptureOne 14, my impression after several version upgrades and updates: A few thoughts ...


    1. bugs are not (never) fixed in the current version via update
    2. some bugs are completely ignored
    3. customer loyalty is based on the user's hope to get rid of annoying bugs with the new version purchase.
    4. version 14 still does not boot, no matter which computer and whether a “clean install" was made or not
    5. the support is ridiculous and only blurts phrases ... blah, blah, blah
    6. the software is overloaded with "gimmicks" and becomes more and more user-unfriendly (an example is the import-export function)
    7. bad programming is clearly visible in the "busy" gyro which is almost always displayed, even on the fastest Mac's.
    8. far away from streamlined, effective and fast
    9. only pure sales marketing behavior like: buy the software, we have new features ... 
    10. better would be: buy the software because it works better than the one from competitors, that would be a self-runner, a game changer

    The key question is, if the truth is that a lot of customers are unhappy, why do they still buy and use the software?

  • Marshall Miller

    I'd love to complain about the export tab etc, but since this version will not even launch without crashing I have no idea what to complain about. Yes, I checked all compatibility requirements.

    User and advocate for over 10 years, and now, can't open a single session. Still gonna get a bill though. 

  • Brad Trent

    Thomas...this started happening with the release of Capture One 20...which was also when they changed the way we had to copy and paste Layer Adjustments. I’m convinced the two things are connected, but Capture One has failed to fix this major problem for almost two years! 



    When the layer issue started, I was told is was an bug with the OpenCL pipeline of Capture One and I had to force Capture One to ignore the GPU when processing and generating previews. That meant turning off Hardware Acceleration by setting Display/Processing to ‘Never’ in OpenCL preferences. Which is what you really want to do if you have a super fast computer...turn OFF stuff that makes it super fast! Anyway...I did what they said to do...and it didn’t help one bit! I have dealt with this problem from Day One with Capture One 20...and then Capture One 21...and as recently as this week was told by them...




    “...Masks may disappear in such a case but the layer will contain all adjustments, so just the mask needs to be drawn again.....”








    They are effectively throwing their hands up in defeat and expecting us to just ‘deal with it’. But even what I was told is not correct...the masks don’t ALWAYS contain the adjustments...many times the mask seems to be there, but NO adjustment shows on the layer. And there is no way to edit or re-draw the mask, as they suggest, because the mask has been ‘flattened’ into the variant. The ONLY option is to RESET all adjustments, then reprocess the file by adding EVERYTHING back into it!!! And believe me, if you’ve spent as much time as it takes to carefully draw and edit adjustment layers as I have and they get irreparably corrupted, when some software designer tells you it’s ‘No Problem’, you truly want pick up the closet heavy object and beat him about his head...💀

  • Cesareo Ruiz

    Will this version work with Mac OS 11.5?

  • Eric Fischer

    Hopefully someone in the corporate office is sweating right now, and wishing that they would have simply sent out a survey to ALL users asking how they would feel if Phase One removed the export tool tab and made us use a pop-up window.

    Is this more common sense than we can expect from a company that keep making major changes before they fix existing bugs?

    Maybe you need a new development lead and better coders.

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    In addition to what's been said above regarding the export functionality I need a QUICK way to SOFTPROOF different profiles, i.e. one click to change profile. One click, not two clicks as with the new proof icon.

    And I softproof WHILST I am editing, not just before I export, so the proofing recipes and the editing tools should be very close together (not farther away).

    This WAS possible with the proof profile set to "Selected recipe" in combination with the process recipes tool in the output tool tab, or even as a floating tool together with other tools floating (e.g. exposure or color editor) i.e. visible and accessible at the same time with just a mouse or pen move away.

    Please give me back this possibility.



    The application designers of the previous versions even had this "Selected recipe" option as the default for sure knowing the power of this setting together with the possibility to change the selection of a recipe by just one click.


    If you bring this recipes back as a tool you can even improve it by somehow separating print profiles from export profiles, or don't export with printing profiles even when selected, as you would never want to embed a print profile into an exported file; there is no such use case as far as I know.

  • Jia-Hui Zhang

    why no Canon RF 24-70 and 70-200 Lens support.... it's ridiculous.

  • Daymion Mardel

    It is beyond absurd that Capture One removed the Export and process recipe tabs? Major MISTAKE!!! Please FIX this!! This is the WORST mistake - WHY WHY WHY? It MAKES NO SENSE except to PISS OFF every PROFESSIONAL photographer! PLEASE !!!! 

  • Debra Pook

    How do I revert back to the previous version because 14.3 is unusable? Do I have to do a complete uninstall first then redownload the software? 

  • Brad Trent

    Debra...assuming you still have the original installer, I'm guessing you have to deactivate the current version, re-install 14.2, then use your product code to reactivate that version. I've still got the installer for 14.2 if you can't find it...just lemme know if you need it and I'll send it to you

  • Thomas Telley

    On my system (macOS 10.15.7) I have serious problems applying masks to multiple images. The nasty thing is that the error messages in the event log sometimes only appear during export. It is incredibly tedious, with a tight deadline breathing down your neck, to check a hundred images one by one to see if one of several masks has been applied or not.

    I would actually prefer not to get new features every few weeks, but to get more reliable, adequately tested updates (and I don't think I'm working with an exotic system or cameras).
    So please spend a little more time and care on the testing process.
    Otherwise, a subscription model makes neither sense nor pleasure.

  • Thomas Telley

    Brad, yes exactly.
    I think this is already a very old problem of CO. With earlier versions, however, the bug only occurred from time to time and the error message appeared immediately. Restarting the programme then helped.
    With version 14.3 the error message sometimes only appears when selecting images for export.
    And what is further very unpleasant, if the copy command (of a single layer) fails, it also deletes masks from already existing layers.
    If anyone knows a "workaround" or identifies a misunderstanding on my part, it would be nice to post it.


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