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Capture One Live FAQ



  • Phrank

    “we reserve the right to pause the service in case of unfair usage.”

    i want to use this feature to let a picture editor check out my selection of 1000-2000 images for a book project is this possible?

  • Maryna Sopilniak

    Hi Phrank, 

    Thanks for the comment. 

    Yes, it is possible to share this number of images. 

  • Phrank

    great;-) just on time for my little project.


  • Dhyan Verco

    can i change the viewing format from image time to image name

    to be viewed on the live portal 

  • Lucy Alcorn

    Hi! Can I easily reset all my Live collections in one easy place? I had tried this out at the beginning of the year, and my clients found it unusable and confusing, however I am interested to try it again now that there are some updates. I can't remember which folders I had used for my 5x trial collections, but want to deactivate them all, so I can try this again.



  • Flavia Renz

    It seems, the resolution of the photos in live has changed within the past month? Does it depend on my pre-setted resolution on my desktop capture? How can I adjust the resolution in live? It is way to pixelated for the client to work with it properly.

  • David

    Hello, when I share a folder, by default online, it starts from the last photo... I would like to know if it can reverse the default order, without the need to click on the order once the folder is online. Thank you!


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