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Upcoming camera support in Capture One



  • Adamski

    So does CaptureOne update previous versions when new cameras are supported? In my case I have the R5C but am still running CaptureOne 21 (14.4.1). In my Aperture days this was the case.

  • LoDown

    For the GH6: July become August. Here is the August release and guess what:  "The 'expected month' is only an estimate and there can of course be delays in the implementation process." My weather forecast two month out is more reliable...

  • Jack Williams

    @Adamski Older versions are not updated when a new camera is released. The full camera support list can be found here: and it includes the version the camera was added in.

    @LoDown I understand that not having file support for your camera is frustrating at the very least. However, we try and be as transparent as possible in order to keep you posted, instead of just leaving you in the dark. We will improve and learn from this, whilst keeping users as informed as possible.

  • Ewen Bell

    Would earn more trust from your customers by admitting there has been a problem instead of ignoring it.

    The date for the GH6 release keeps moving and with zero explanation. Yes these things happen, but please be upfront about the delays and perhaps even communicate with your customers who are experiencing an intense amount of frustration. It's all very well adding new features every 6 months or so, but right now there are precisely zero features that work with the GH6. 


  • Jack Williams

    @Ewen Bell I'd like to think we've been as transparent as possible by making the camera implementation roadmap publicly available. If you'd like an explanation as to why implementation for this camera has taken so long, then it's not simple, nor is it something that can be discussed publicly.

    I'm also here to communicate with you and hear your frustrations. Anything you have to say can be forwarded on to the appropriate people.

  • Edward Moffat

    And August is now September.  That is hugely disappointing and now costing me money because I can't do my work.

    Well - to be more accurate, I can't do my work with CaptureOne and I am forced to move to another solution.

    Jack - I do appreciate the transparency.  I realize that global Mkt Share of Panasonic cameras is small and therefore prioritization of their cameras for profiling would be low, but at a certain point you have to say - Why Bother?  

    Slipping a quarter on a sw profile? That's a really long time.

    On the off chance that this situation is because you didn't get test units (Obviously not your fault), do let me know, as I could likely facilitate via contacts I have. (I don't work for Panasonic, but...)


  • Cloud Lea

    About GH6.It's not an estimate.It's a joke but let your clients down.


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