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How to export images



  • Jesper Carlberg

    Hi Jack 

    Does the iPad work in session similar to my laptop? 

    Can I copy / move a session from my ipad to my laptop using a cable just as easy as I would be able to between a laptop and a harddrive? I can use a cloud based solution as I will have poor or no internet on location. Airdrop will not work with thousands of images. 

    Thanks Jasper

  • Jack Williams

    The iPad version contains a default Capture One Catalog. I really don't recommend moving the catalog between your iPad and desktop.

    However, you can export the originals and/or EIP files to an external device, which you can then transfer to your desktop with a cable.

    I recommend tagging/starring the wants you want to transfer on the iPad, add them to an Album, and then select the files for export.

    Hope that helps Jesper Carlberg

  • Jesper Carlberg

    Thanks Jack. Unfortunately this will not really work for me. Say you shoot multiple long days and will have no time to go make you selection at night and/or will prefer to save the whole lot. Will need to bring the laptop for now. Hope you can change this in the future. Br  J

  • Valerius Alwin

    Just to be clear, you are saying that to get my RAW files from the ipad to an external drive, I follow the instructions to "save to files" then:

    1. copy the files to an icloud location and then,

    2. copy them again from that location to the external drive.

    So 2 steps, correct?




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