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  • FirstName LastName

    I cannot stress this enough, ever since the beta, I have had nothing but issues with importing ANY, and I mean ANY image, raw, jpeg, tiff, jpg, etc. It does not matter. It doesn't matter what type of photo media; I get the same error (unable to load photos). I have tried every possible combination of Restart, Ram Clearing, Uninstalling, and Re-installing several times. The moment you pick any image, it constantly crashes. 
    I was useless using the beta because I would never be able to edit anything. The only time I could successfully import anything was when I started to Screen record the issue, finally letting me import (it would still crash for the better part), but it let me edit two photos.
    I'm using iPad Pro 12.9, 1TB. It has the latest OS. This is the only App that I have encountered these issues. 


  • Jack D Williams

    Have you reached out to support regarding this issue? Seems like something we should look into and make sure you can get up and running. Reach out here and we can hopefully get it sorted.


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