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Connecting a supported camera



  • FirstName LastName

    Hi, trying the new tethering function on iPad Pro M1 with a Lumix S5, imposible to connect, frustrating process (with a new tether pro cable usb-c to usb-c and without cable, wireless) …it doesn’t work

  • Jack D Williams

    That’s because the Lumix S5 doesn’t support tethering. We don’t offer that functionality on any Panasonic camera.

    See the full list of supported cameras here:

  • Torbjørn Laundal

    Cant connect Fujifilm XT4 or Fujifilm XH2s to the new iPad app. Tried every setting - no luck. 

  • David Rehacek

    Managed to connect Fujifilm XT4 via apple camera adapter (USB). Though app showing the camera connected and should be working I don't see any pics taken?  

  • Jack D Williams

    If you’re having trouble tethering with the iPad app, then I recommend opening a support request. It’s a new feature, so the support team needs to be aware of any issues that may be out there. You can create a request here:


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