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Culling images



  • Brett Styles

    It is not clear how you actually cull, DELETE does not work and there is no context menu or shortcut key I can find.

  • Brian Satoer

    Hi.. When photos are already on your system you just rate or tag your photos in the culling window. After that you can filter these and select and delete them as you would normally do.

    When you cull on import you select them (just hit space) and it will only import/copy the ones you selected.

  • Brian Satoer

    I do have a question.

    I have the: Select Next When, option set to both Star Rated and Color Rated but when I am in the culling window these options are greyed out. And when I mark a photo with a Red (or other) tag it doesn't jump to the next photo.

    Is this a bug or a feature which is has to be resolved or added?

  • Desmond Stagg

    I have wasted hours of my valuable time trying to find out how to cull images with Version 23.

    OK, David Grover's video was informative, even so, I still don't know how to cull the images.
    I thought one pressed the space bar to mark the images one wants to cull and then via the cull function just delete the selected images. This doesn't work! You cannot even select any images.

    I am working with a catalogue / session of imported images. So how do you cull?

    Reading Brian Satoer's post above, this makes culling a long-winded process, which I am sure the developers / Capture One didn't envisage.

    So far, I can cull much faster in Photo Mechanic! Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed with version 23 so far!
    My present subscription (v 22) expires in December, after which I had planned to subscribe to version 23*.

    Capture One's documentation / instruction (above) on this subject is abysmal!

    I am using the free trial in the interim period,
    Could it be, certain functions are not available in the trial?

    Due to this short-coming, I am not prepared to invest in v 23.

    *PS, Affinity Photo have just presented their upgrade, Affinity Photo 2.

    I have tested this. Capture One will have to dress up very warm.
    I am very tempted indeed, especially as the purchase price is less than €50.

  • Brian Satoer

    Hi Desmond,

    The spacebar is the way to go if you are importing from a memory card. You're then just selecting the photos you want to import and all the others will remain on the card. That way you don't need to delete photos.

    If you have the photos on your harddrive already then you can set Red flags (or something else) for the ones you do not want. When your finished you can filter on the Red flagged photos, select them all and delete them.

    This isn't that much different from Lightroom where I tag them as Pick or Reject and them afterwards delete the Rejected files.

    Photo Mechanic is a nice tool for culling and if that is what you are used to then I would say, do the culling with PM before importing into C1. I found the lack of an "advance to next photo after setting a flag" feature very annoying so for culling I will stay in LR until C1 fixes this.

    I found that the new Smart Adjust feature is a great reason to use C1 more and keep my subscription but if you don't do any Wedding, Event or Portrait work it might not be a reason for you.

    There is no difference with the trial and the commercial version of C1. So you are not missing any functions.

    Regarding Affinity Photo 2... I don't think you should compare this with C1. Affinity Photo is a Photoshop alternative not an alternate for Capture One or Lightroom. They are totally different programs. You would't use Affinity Photo for culling, editing of multiple photos. There is no way to sync settings over multiple photos. I shoot weddings and it would be impossible to only use Affinity Photo in my workflow. It would take weeks to do edits on 600+ photos. In C1 or LR the same job could be done in hours. For some photos I do need to make a roundtrip to Photoshop but that is just for 5% of the photos.

    Programs like Affinity Photo are great if you just need to edit some individual photos.



  • Desmond Stagg

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the reply and the info therein.
    My subjects are portraits, fashion, beauty wedding and events, including press conferences. Architecture is also in my repertoire.

    I shot a wedding exhibition a couple of weeks ago and thought version 23 would be great to cull the images of the models on the catwalk.

    Quite honestly, I could have managed this 10 times over in Photo Mechanic, and I still didn’t achieve the task in CO 23!
    I originally bought Photo Mechanic for my press work. I am also an accredited photojournalist.

    Not only that, but I have been a CO user since version 7 or 8, it is so long here, I cannot remember. I was always very happy with it, but when new functions are introduced, it bugs me when they don’t work.

    Furthermore, I am still unsure whether I will subscribe in December? €209 is too expensive for me now.
    My problem is I am very short of clients, people here in Germany are far more concerned where the next meal is coming from, or if they can pay the rent, electricity and heating bills.
    They have no interest whatsoever in having pictures taken. As a rule, friends of the bride and groom take the wedding pictures with their cell phones.

    BTW, Affinity Photo 2 has a raw engine included, therefore, there is no difference to capture one.

    Well, that’s all for now.



  • Gregory Adams

    I have a desk saving keyboard with no arrow keys and so intend to adjust the relevant shortcut keys in preferences. 

    This does not appear to work. 

    I create a profile and adjust the keys in question to something suitable and yet these changes do not apply when in the cull modes window.

    I've double checked the changes to shortcuts have correctly applied. Is there an isolated list of culling shortcuts similar to speed edit shortcuts?

  • Kasper Løjtved

    Is it not possible to show the pictures in the culling window with adjustments? I often cull with my customer present and sometimes need to show my photos in black/white or with a few adjustments, and when i cull it shows the original unedited photos.

  • Jon Dishler

    I just upgraded to 23 and am exploring this in my dual monitor Mac Studio.  it does not seem that I can use both screens while in the Cull function?  It would be nice to have the thumbnails on one monitor and the larger view on the second.  Is this something that might be available soon?

    It looks like there is a bug with using dual monitor, when this is activated and culling is attempted, the system locks up the second monitor with the last image frozen on the screen.  If this cannot work with dual monitor settings, then it should not allow the cull function while in dual monitor mode.  I would be happy to discuss this with someone.

  • Lie Adi Darmawan

    Is the dedicated Cull view only available in C1P 23, but not in 22?

  • Evan brandt

    With fuji xh2 files i noticed it looks like the jpeg in the cull but once i switch to editing it changes the color. Is there a reason for this? 

  • Desmond Stagg

    This comment is applicable to the iPhone version which I am using.
    I am extremely disappointed with this app on the iPhone so far! What purpose does it serve apart from a crop function and one or two menial tasks.
    It is impossible to treat an image ready to send to a client!
    Take a look at Lightroom (on my iPhone)!
    I can treat the image in post as if I was sitting at my desktop.
    Capture One, what were you aiming at when you created this app?
    In its present form, it is of no use to me!
    Sorry for the harsh comment, but it is better to pass on the facts than tell fairytales how good it is!

  • Marco Ramos

    I find dissappointing that in order to delete the non desire pictures you have to do it one at a time, compare this with Lightroom it is discouragingly intolerable. If I have to delete 1000 pictures it takes me more than 1 hour, in light room less than a minute.  If this is an error on my part, please show in your tutorials how to delete unwanted pictures.  This is a very important feature that is not properly covered.


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