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How do I cancel my Capture One subscription?



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    for a few days I downloaded the C1-Test-Version. But my CPU seems to be too old. That says the program and I could'nt open it. So now I want to cancel the Test-Version.

    I followed the instructions on your Web-Site until the point, that I should get an e-mail. I tried it three times, but there came no e-mails until now.

    So what can I do. My e-mail-adress is:


    Best regards

    O. Beuche


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    how can I access my account management.  I tried several times, but no emails to continue came through. what is wrong  . . .


    I also don't see a customer support in my account . . . 


  • FirstName LastName

    how do i cancel my subscription? it wont allow me to. 

  • FirstName LastName


    How do I access my account management. Ive tried multiple times over the span of a few days but no emails are coming? 

    Pls help I want to cancel it noww!

  • felipe cuevas

    Hello, Ive been trying to cancel my subscription for the past 5 months after i upgraded my computer and had to get latest version. I keep getting a message that says email was sent with instructions for accessing your account, I never get the response to my email! Please help. Im paying for a service that i don not use monthly

    how can I access my account management.  I tried several times, but no emails to continue came through. what is wrong 

  • Ekkehard Schwartz

    I just signed up for the "All-in-one-bundle" which - according to the information on the homepage - should cost appr. 260€ / year. Then I learned that Capture One charged me 101€ on top of the 218€ for my Capture One Pro subscription, in total 320€. This is neither want I wanted nor what I need, and I want to cancel the purchase. How do I do that?

  • Mirosław Makuch
    I am the owner of the Nikon Capture One 21 version. Recently, I had to reinstall a new Windows system on my computer. When I reinstall your Capture one, my activation key doesn't work. It says that I have reached my activation limit. What should I do with it since I paid for a lifetime license? 
    I would like to add that your Capture One 21 / nikon / program was installed only on one of my computers
  • FirstName LastName

    Hi the automatic reneval charged this month. Where I can write for the money back? I didn't use it anymore, I'm not happy with the software in terms of evolution. Please let me know the mail for the money back request. Thanks


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