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Capture One Loyalty Program



  • Ramon B Rodriguez

    So, are you planning a new major release on Feb 14th. or shortly later...? That's a key point to make a decision and you guys at C1 should make this crystal clear...


  • Markus Ullius

    To me, this is a bad joke. You lost me as a customer

  • Jan Godrie

    It seems like this loyalty program is becoming one big mess to comprehend.
    I understand that Software as a Service (SaaS) is the model most companies take these days for a more steady revenue stream but to be honest, I believe Capture One is taking the wrong approach and perhaps they can learn a thing or two from Avid as they have done a similar thing a few years ago with their perpetual license model but in a different way.

    I own a perpetual Pro Tools Studio license, which costs €595, and that license comes with a 1 year update and support plan plus a free plug-in pack. So during that year I will get all the new features and bug fixes, no matter which version they go to.

    Anywhere within that year I have a choice, I can renew my update and support plan for another year which costs €209, that's 35% of the perpetual license which is fair in my book.

    If I don't renew, I can still use the current version at that very point, for as long as my hardware and OS will support it, but I will not receive any updates or support.

    If I want to receive updates and support plus that plug-in pack after that year has lapsed, I will need to buy a reinstatement plan instead of a renewal plan which costs €299, which is about 50% of the perpetual license and you can at least skip 2 years and probably even more since the reinstatement plan is also valid for Pro Tools 12 which was released back in 2015.

    Now, if Capture One was to come up with a similar way of doing their perpetual license going into the future, I think that would be a better move than to cut off updates to new features each X.X version release. Doing this, the Avid way, on a per year basis with a renewal plan and past a year with some sort of reinstatement plan would make way more sense and they would be able to sell this license model much better IMHO.

    I do hope that they turn this around and somehow take the route Avid did, it would be a good solution to the problem.

  • Wilfried Schoder


    the articles about this theme are a little confused.
    I will try to understand all this.  

    As I understand, we can buy a perpetual license also in the future.   OK?
    Second point is that there will be also a subscription (monthly or yearly).  OK?

    And then there are a path of changing from perpetual to subscription.   OK?   
    And there is a Loyality-Program for us .    OK? 

    This are the "keywords" and "milestones" of licensing Capture-One-Pro.  

    Questions to the loyality-program:
    1.)  after 5 years we will get a new license every year for 0.00 EUR ?
    2.) is there a guarantee about the Loyality-Program ?

    BR, Wilfried

  • Michael Parker

    @ Wilfried Schoder

    1) No you get a free perpetual licence if you have subscribed every year for five years for the last version you were on. To continue to get updates you need to keep subscribing.
    They’d lose so much income if after 5 years everyone got a free licence every year!

    2) I doubt it !

  • Phrank

    Why make it easy if you can make it complicated.

    So, if I don‘t get it wrong. If I decide to switch to the subscription model and one day I decide, i don‘t need all these new features and stop it, it will still work?

    So next year (november 12 month later) I have to pay 209€ if i want the actual features for a perceptual licence? Is this already the reduced price, or will I get 40% off?

    What is about the loyality for long time C1 perceptual licence owners?

  • Michael Parker


    Well yes and No.

    According to their info you get to keep your current perpetual licence if you subscribe. So if you stop subscribing you fall back to an older version, unless you pay for a new perpetual licence @20% discount per year you've subscribed. If you rely on your 'old' perpetual licence and any newer versions have required a catalogue upgrade you won't be able to open the updated catalogue in the old version, so best make sure you don't delete your old catalogue!

  • Phrank

    @Michael Parker. Thanks for your fast reply.

    To be honest I still don‘t get it. I will look what is possible if the time have come.

    As long I don‘t need to add a new camera (probably this spring), I don‘t need all these new features. 

    I was even happy with Lightroom 6 for years until it stopped support new camera raw profiles and my MacOS.
    I just hope at least this will be continue to be updated for perceptual licences….

    Please don‘t make me switch back again.

  • Michael Parker

    I too was happy with Lightroom 6 apart from it getting slower as my catalogue grew larger.
    I too swapped to Capture One when it no longer supported a new camera.
    I’m currently on a perceptual licence for C1 23 so will get updates until September.
    My current thinking is to remain on this version for as long as it continues to work on my operating system, unless some amazing new feature comes along or I get a new camera that isn’t supported, though that’s unlikely in the foreseeable future.
    At that point I’ll consider my options.

  • Peter Svec

    I've been using Capture One since 2005. Time to say goodbye … ???

  • Aleksander W.

    The pricing policy in the future is not clear to me. Today I have perpetual license versions and can buy annual subscriptions 40% cheaper. What will the price be next year? Will it be 219EUR or more? Will it be a lower price than today's offer of around EUR 130?

  • David Bleeker

    You would send out discount code for loyal users today on February 14!!???!  What you did not say that the upgrade price for perpetual license would dissappear before the 14th of February!!!!

    Yesterday I still had the option to upgrade for £199.00 today it is £299.00

    I don't think so!


  • Henk de Haan

    David Bleeker,

    You would send out discount code for loyal users today on February 14!!???!  What you did not say that the upgrade price for perpetual license would dissappear before the 14th of February!!!!

    I received a mail today with a coupon for a 40% discount (valid until 14 Feb 2024) on a new perpetual license or the first year of an annual subscription. So you could check your Spam folder or your e-mail address as CO knows it.  


  • Paco Rosso

    I do not like this. ¿Why to name it "loyalty program" if what C1 seems to want is everybody goes to subscriptions? I do not see the revenue to the "loyaly", what they say is "Change to subscription or it will be cost more money to you".
    ¿How many money do they want for the "new features" when we have just paid for the version?
    ¿Are they sayng we will pay for version 16.1, 16.2 and 16.3? I think It's time to go full time to lightroom.

  • Karl Grabherr

    I bought my first copy of Capture One Pro in 2004 and have updated every version ever since. What about such really longtime users? The last update i bought last year vor version 23. My license is still valid. When i want to change my perceptual license  to a subscription license by using the discount code, you have sent me by e-mail, what are the costs, when i buy today using the code? I cant't find this information. What i don't want at all is to pay more than new subscribers who use Capture One for the first time. For me the above describes options are not understandable and too complex. So what shall i do? Wait, until version 24 comes out or buy now? I really don't know!

  • Michael Parker

    @Karl Grabherr

    I too upgraded to 23 last year and have received the email. I can see no expiry date on the code they sent.
    As it stands our perpetual licence allows feature upgrades until September that's if Ive read the details correctly.
    So subscribing now means we would be paying twice for the same benefits.
    Will this voucher be valid come September though ?


    I too made the same comment as you that our loyalty to date is not taken into account, and the loyalty scheme only really rewards subscribers and only then if they want to stop subscribing by discounting a perpetual licence. 
    I said this on a Facebook group and was shouted down saying I was pining after free software.

    Thinking about it now why don’t C1 offer perpetual licence holders that upgrade every year for 4 years get the 5th year upgrade for free ? 

  • Michael Parker

    If I subscribe for 5 years I can get a perpetual licence free.

    So why don’t you offer perpetual licence holders that upgrade every year for 5 years  the next upgrade for free as part of this loyalty program ?

  • Michael Parker

    This disclaimer says it all

    No guarantee subscribers will continue getting 20% discount and eventuality a free copy after 5 years


    *Capture One may change the terms and benefits included as part of its loyalty program at any point in time. Capture One shall notify affected users in writing no less than 30 days before any change.

  • Michael Parker

    I started my relationship with C1 when I bought a Fuji and tried out the free Fuji Express version.
    Decided to buy the full Fuji version, then upgraded to V11 Pro as I also have Canon cameras.
    Upgraded to V12 and each subsequent version to my current version of 23.
    Does this make me an un-loyal customer that has contributed nothing to C1 profits ?

    I can’t really see the loyalty program they have introduced for subscribers is particularly good either. If you are already a subscriber I guess you’ll carry on subscribing anyway and nit convert to a free or discounted perpetual licence.

    Surely a better way of rewarding a subscriber would be discounted future subscription fees
    as far as I see with this model a subscriber only benefits if becoming disloyal !

  • Jack W

    David Bleeker That's because you now need a discount code to get the upgrade pricing, based on how long you've been a customer. Contact support to get your discount code.

  • Juergen R.

    What Capture One is doing here is a joke to me and not a loyalty program. I've been using C1 since 2005, first C1 LE 3.7 and since 2011 Capture One Pro 6. The loyalty program offers me a discount code for a 20% discount on an upgrade because my last upgrade was 13 months ago. Now I will use version 22 as long as possible and after that I will say goodbye to Capture One. Just one less loyal customer.

  • Joan

    This is making $10/month for both Lightroom and Photoshop with cutting edge features a hell of a good deal. So, $120 a year with everything you could possibly want along with a stable platform is a better way to go in my opinion. I moved to Capture One after a long time with Adobe thinking I didn't want a subscription plan any longer but I'm rethinking this altogether. I have to also say that of all the "perpetual licenses", one of the best is On One Photo 23 which is an all in one editor and really pretty good.

  • Jan Godrie

    Karl Grabherr

    The price of the subscription is stated on the website and depending in what region you live. In the EU it's €219 incl. VAT for a subscription if payed annually. Since you and I have a v23 license, as stated in the email sent out by Capture One:  "Enjoy a 40%* discount on the first year of your annual subscription or a new perpetual license. Simply use the coupon code below when you checkout."


    If you add the annual subscription to the shopping cart and apply the coupon code from the email, you'll end up with the subscription price for the first year. For me that is €131,40 incl VAT. Should be the same for you.

    Now, there is no need for you to buy that subscription right now since your current license will allow updates until September 2023. The coupon code you've received by mail is valid till 14 Feb 2024 so you can use that code by the end of the year to get the subscription. Which is also what I'll be doing.

  • Anne Burton

    Your loyalty program is fast turning me into a disloyal customer. Read the room guys: loads of us joined you because we HATE the pushy Adobe subscription service. You have a spectacular program and all was going so well.....If it ain't broke, don't fix it. You may ccome to bitterly regret your current decisions. I urge you to reconsider while you still have time...

  • Mariusz Janosz

    This discussion has no sense anymore because the company show us that they don't care and don't want to listen us. It's like controversial law. Lots of angry peoples demonstrate on the street, write thousand of comments but if government is not on the democracy side (China, Russia, Poland etc.) they do nothing in silence because after longer period of time most of customers forget this unpopular policy changes. Don't waste your time because is probably more valuable than upgrading from v21 to 23 :D (in my case).

  • Ramon B Rodriguez

    You will not see a single post or answer from the C1 team in this thread... well, it seems there's one to just say nothing...  that gives you a clear idea how much do they care about your comments, complains and suggestions... they just don't give a #@#@...!!!

  • Michael Parker

    Does anyone else think it’s a strange loyalty scheme that rewards loyal subscribers by giving a discount to buy a perpetual licence, with the chance then that they’ll stop subscribing so losing their their loyalty, and not actually rewarding customers that continue paying their subscription fee?

    Unless, of course the promise of new features is classed as rewarding loyalty, features that are as of yet unknown or how frequent.

    I guess they’ve number crunched this, but the sort of loyalty scheme I’d be more tempted by would be if they also offered a 20% discount off a yearly subscription for each year you’ve subscribed or off a perpetual licence with the 5th year of subscription free or a perpetual licence for free.

    Then in the 6th year they could reset to 20% discount and so on.

    That way people who only ever subscribe will benefit too, not just those who, ironically, have potentially decided to stop contributing to C1 cash flow.

  • Stefano Lasi

    As far as I'm concerned, I'll keep version 21... then in 4\5 years I'll buy a new perpetual license, I'll give myself the gift. I'm not a pro, I may even give up on new features for a while... I'm not happy with how they handled customers.

  • Ramon B Rodriguez
    The table above clearly says “If I’ve been a subscriber for more than 5 years [and] if I want to stop my subscription I can get a copy of Capture One Pro for… Free!”
    As this is my case, from 2018 to this date, that reward or discount should be applied to me automatically. I've been a subscriber for 5 years now, continuously with three different license keys.
    This is the reply I got from the Support team just a few minutes ago:
    "Only active subscriptions count in the offer. Subscriptions you had any time in the past do not participate in the loyalty program."
    Is this a joke...????????????

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