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Perpetual License Changes and the Loyalty Program - How it Affects You



  • Thomas Kyhn
    Top Commenter

    So if you're on a perpetual license for the latest version of Capture One after 30 September 2023, will you be able to buy the latest updates with new features (the ones that are no longer free), and how much will they be?

  • Jack W

    Hi Thomas Kyhn 

    Please see here:

    I've screenshotted the exact part of the article where you can see how much it will cost.

  • Thomas Kyhn
    Top Commenter

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks. Does this mean that if there are, say, four updates with new features during a year, and you were to buy all of them, you would have to pay $179 for each of them, i.e. $716 in all?

  • Richard Jackson

    Umm not blown away by this
    As loyal user! (15 yrs!) and big recommender of c-1 it seems a bit of a kick in the teeth!
    Generally I upgraded every second version ( same as my i phone!) as get balance of benefits and costs and you normally got an upgrade or 2 for that cost
    You saying £179 to upgrade 22 to 23 ( in fact by Feb I think it's just over a year for me! So 239) but that only lasts 7 months to sept 23 and then upgrade again,

    ummm seems like subscription by the back door!
    Good if David could do webinar explaining a bit clearer

  • Jean Alexandre Lefebvre

    My question is about the period of "more than 24 months ago"

    I have the Version 20. my question is more during the period after 14 february 2023.

    in the future, if i want the "lastest version" It will be available via the subscription or buying a new Perpetual license  but without rebate, like buying a brand new license at full price (415$), like a new customer ??

    Thank you

  • D Kelly

    Just checked my upgrade cost from Capture One 22 to 23 and it's £199 for which I believe I'll get upgrades and bug fixes until end of Sept 2023, that's approx £24 per month which is around the subscription cost.  Will I switch to a C1 subscription instead, it's more than twice the cost of Adobe and offers a lot less.  I'll therefore stick with C1 22 until it's no longer fit for purpose then move to another product.  Sorry C1 but as a non professional you've priced me out. 

  • Timo Knuutinen

    What a Mess! Trying to hide you greedy behind exel. Shame on you.

  • Simon Bergman

    Still a lot of important information missing:

    -How often will feature updates be released? There has been 3-5 feature release updates between versions. Should we expect feature releases to be released with 2-3 month intervalls in the future as well. If so, perpetual license users would need to buy four full licenses every year. 
    -If, for example, an operation system upgrade breaks the next newest version of Capture One - is there only option to upgrade or will there be some kind och warranty that versions are at least useable for a certain amount of time? According to the information given it must be assumed that there will be no bug fixes at all.

  • Alan Stewart

    Well, that's me done with captureone, bye!

  • steve Farley

    What a disaster! so just how does this reward loyalty? Do you understand the word loyalty? was it the first word on your mind as you slipped your boots on to give your LOYAL customers a kicking? I will spend the year migrating to some other company that understands loyalty. Come on Affinity I know you are working on a cataloging product, then we can all show Capture one what a kicking feels like. Do you remember Quark? Freehand? all world wide software brands that took the p**s out of their customers. The worst thing is that I really thought you were a good company, better than this! I even purchased a phase one, are you sure you didn't look up the word Disloyal? arrr yes thats it.

  • Christian Zenker

    Don't worry!
    There is a simple solution to get a cheaper software even with more features...

    Just change to Adobe Photoshop :-)

    And don't forget, we are the customers. They need us much more than we need them :-)

  • Andreas Suffner

    So, that's it from me with captureone, I kind of feel ripped off by you guys. I regret switching to this software for 6 years!


  • bajuta

    Are you saying that if I buy version 24 I will only get bug fixes that Capture One should offer for free anyway? 
    Why should we pay for Capture One's bugs?
    That would be dubious.

  • Jason Patel

    Well this is terrible, the standard discount was 33% now +7% to 40% - Did you really need nearly 2 months to figure that out?

    C1 you disappoint me, the product has gone backwards.  I normally upgrade every year but didn't to C23 as the new features were not in the slightest bit interesting or worth the price.  Still features have not changed - so seems I made the right decision.

    Will run C22 and unless you step the game up in term of features and value for money will simply leave and have no upgrades to take pursue.  Thanks you loyal customer from C1 11 to 22 - Jason

  • Henk de Haan

    Jack-W, Christine-M

    What is the definition of 'a new version'. Is 16.x.0 a new version or is it 17.0.0?

    My main concern is: how long will I receive bugfixes for my existing perpetual C23 license? Will it stop after the first release of v16.x after September 30th, or will you provide a two year 'warranty' (as required by EU regulations)?

  • Mark Smith

    CaptureOne left one option out for the Perpetual Plan change:  You refund me the money that I paid for the "Upgrade" to version 23 given that I didn't know that you were going to change licensing when I purchased the upgrade last year.  I get my money back and happily surrender my license. 

    I also suggest a name change for CaptureOne:   $#1  

  • Thomas Kyhn
    Top Commenter

    Henk de Haan:

    What is the definition of 'a new version'. Is 16.x.0 a new version or is it 17.0.0?

    My main concern is: how long will I receive bugfixes for my existing perpetual C23 license? 

    Good question. As far as I can see, there's no information about how Capture One (the company) distinguishes between updates and upgrades/versions. Initially it sounded like there would be no more versions, only incremental updates; accordingly, perpetual license users would have to pay $179 for each update several times a year if they wanted to stay up to date with new features (cf. my question above). 

    But if perpetual license holders are to receive updates with bug fixes, but no new features, until new versions are introduced, there must still be updates (of two kinds) and versions, obviously.

    Does this mean that new feature updates will be available only to subscription holders, and that new features will only be available for perpetual license holders when a new version is introduced, once a year perhaps?

  • Erik Waldbjørn Christensen

    Nå Christine, jeg tror godt nok i har gjort i nælderne her - det minder lidt for meget om forklaringerne fra den danske regering ;-) 

    Med de priser og metoder bliver det et stop herfra.

  • Thomas Kyhn
    Top Commenter

    Erik Waldbjørn Christensen:

    Nå Christine, jeg tror godt nok i har gjort i nælderne her

    Ja, det er vitterlig noget rod.

  • Jason Patel

    Good point on the iPad version, that is a "free" lever for them to pull to provide more value.  Given the sweetener is just 7% above their normal offers seems they are fine to loose business for perpetual users.

  • frisco

    Farewell capture One, at this price I'm going back to Adobe...

  • David Mantripp

    To be perfectly honest and recognising economic realities, this seems pretty fair to me.


    Pay more, always pay more, ok but for what services in addition? Capture One is undoubtedly the best RAW file developer today. For this job it is really great !

    But at the catalog or session level, there is still a lot of work to do! It goes in all directions! (you must almost make a checklist before saving the slightest file to be sure that it is well saved in the session or you work .... the library of the library which is not a file browser, (?) But who ... should be one! .... the systematic return to the "image" file of the Mac while we work with external hard drives (and automatic learning?) ... The Recurring bugs ... etc ... etc ... I think it's time to look at the Ergonomics of Capture One to gain efficiency, before thinking about increasing the bill.

    Having tilted on Capture One a few years ago.

  • Morgan Smaller

    And with this, I'm done with Capture One.

  • Thomas Kyhn
    Top Commenter

    David Mantripp:

    To be perfectly honest and recognising economic realities, this seems pretty fair to me.

    It may be fair, but what does it mean (see my question above)?

  • Charles Eddington

    It's absolutely transparent that they want us on a subscription. The problem is that there have been barely any feature updates recently and those they have made haven't tempted many people into upgrading, because they've not really been very good. The price they charge for a subscription is clearly not value for money considering the competition so one can only assume they're going to milk what loyal customer base they can keep for as long as possible and then inevitably go bust because they're charging too much to too few people.

    For me it's goodbye, you're quite frankly taking the pi$$ and you're not getting any more money out of me.

  • Ivo HUTH

    Adobe offers way more for half the price, even more if your are a student or teacher. One must be crazy to fall for this "Loyalty Program offer"! I'm not "Loyal" anymore!

  • Jeffrey Goldenberg

    Excellent, if testy, comments. Underneath, you have to see how much actual loyalty there is from users who just want one thing: a simple choice to have their photo platform consistent and upgraded to have the best version. I pay a subscription for MS Office 365 at around $10 a month. I’ve been loyal to Word and Excel since around 1984. I’ve been loyal here since 2016. Give me a fair price, and I’ll obviously accept a subscription, gouge me and I’ll be forced to look elsewhere. But I’d miss David Grover quite a bit. When it comes to the “loyalty” pricing, so far I’m not impressed. It doesn’t make me hopeful. I’ve noticed the subscription price has purposely not been mentioned above or in your emails and, yet, that is the key price point for most of us here.

  • Thomas Kyhn
    Top Commenter

    David Grover says on Facebook (in the Paul Reiffer Live group) that if you buy version 16.2, you will get updates 16.2.1 and 16.2.2, etc., but once 16.3 is released you will have to pay for it. And so you'd have to pay for upgrades several times a year if you want to stay up to date with new features (and stay on a perpetual license).

    Also, updates with bug fixes (.x.x releases) are only available for free until the next .x version is released.

  • Piotr Dobrowolski


    You have copied one part of Affinity way of licensing: this part that they are no upgrades but new licenses... yet You ditched the other part: Affinity supports the version through the period they sell the version ... and beyond that (I have ver 1 and ver 2...and ver 1 got an update after ver 2 was released. And the "loyalty program" looks like the regular black friday offer of software companies. Lets see how it goes on... however I am now using the second raw converter: I used DXO promo because the volumetric correction of the ultrawides + the "puppet wrap" like correction seems to be "the features" which I needed for architectural shots with TS lenses. It is not ideal I would like to have the default colors of C1 there, but after some corrections I can have something I like. So with the change You made, You also made people to search alternatives: "be proud of Your excel tables" :P


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