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Perpetual License Changes and the Loyalty Program - How it Affects You



  • mountainview

    After some deliberations and testing of various products I now subscribed to Lightroom & Photoshop. The final straw was the new Denoise AI they introduced and the discounted 1-year subscription fee of about EUR 90 which you can get from retailers if you wait for it. Although I used LR for a couple of years, I have to admit that going back is not effortless and as of now I still prefer C1 as a software. However, LR also has some nice and unique features and I really appreciate the included iPhone and iPad apps (incl. Cloud services) which is great while being on the road. One customer less for C1 ...

  • Kip Vaughan

    I think the same thing with the competitive updates to Affinity this year. They have been making outstanding updates to 2.1 and 2.2 so you would expect Affinity to cost more then Capture One with how much value it provides. I don't just look for the lowest price but if C1 isn't raising the value as much I can't see continuing to pay for it. If the pricing is under control then I'll keep paying. The only way someone could justify higher prices without higher value is if they are a full time photographer which I am not.

  • Archimedes Alcantara

    Received an email with discounted price to upgrade to C23. My biggest concern in investing more with Capture One is future maintenance updates. If Apple updates my IOS, will Capture One provide support to future IOS for perpetual users ?

  • Michael Parker

    Archimedes Alcantara

    From what they say. (Buy a new perpetual license for Capture One Pro: Use that version of Capture One Pro for as long as you like. You will receive bug fixes until a new version is released, but you will not receive free updates with new features.)

     I think the answer is once a new version is out then I would say no, but they need to clarify this , especially as there is a lot of talk about software being guaranteed in the EU for 2 years 🤔

  • Bert Dong

    This is such a sneaky way to say " Screw you Perpetual license owner " without saying it. So you just want everybody continue to pay you if not you out. 

    If you read comments, you can see how people think of you. 

  • Nate Read

    Just about to upgrade from 22 to 23 but couldn't find the discount that was promised when I purchased the Perpetual License for C22...

    Oh, it doesn't exist anymore... wow, what an FU to the users who switched to Capture One because they thought they were the good guys... I mean, 12 years in Abobe Lightroom and moved to Capture One - now 3 years of Lightroom is about as much as C23, and a single year of Lightroom is better than Capture One Pro and $5 cheaper per month...

    I honestly don't get the sense behind it but I guess it's time to build a photo manager that will plug into any development software so I'm not tied to any of this noise going forward...

    Anyone already started on an Open Source Photo file manager (hit me up)?

  • David Fuller

    It's goodbye Capture One for me! I'll be sure to do a Youtube review about this to get the word out to everyone before someone else buys into your C1 BS!

  • Michael Fleck

    Well, it seems that things are not going as intended. 

    Do you realize that sheer amount of emails and discount codes? 

    They are begging to do a new purchase but customers refuse to do so. 

    If things would go as planned, no email ads or discount codes would be necessary... 

    "you can save now up to 50%" ... well. I save up to 100% if I don't make a new purchase, you greedy bookies!

    Loyalty has no price tag!

    Loyalty goes in both ways. 

    I am with Capture One since Version 7. Purchased every year. My money helped to keep C1 running.

    Where is YOUR Loyalty? 

    I just evaluate DXO and Lightroom. A lot of water was done the river since 2014. 

  • Adam Squires

    YES, Michael! You are spot on here.

    Surely C1's ability to grow their market share now won't come from adding new professionals or getting existing professionals to switch. I would have thought there are more enthusiasts / hobbyists out there who they should be targeting. But their new pricing model (and recent features to be honest) seem to exclude us.

    I'll be sticking with C1 v22 for as long as I can before evaluating the options.

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Latest marketing mail:

    Our new update is dropping soon and we want to reward loyal users like you. This is your last chance to get 10% off on top of your loyalty discount for the All in One complete suite. All you have to do is check your account, where you’ll find a loyalty discount to use alongside the extra 10% we’re offering today. Or get the latest perpetual license, including a free update for the upcoming release.

    Being a loyal customer since version 8, granted, not upgraded/paid every later version though, currently at v22 perpetual, my loyalty discount is at 0, I don't want the All In One package nor a subscription, so I can get current v23 with a free update to the next version which will ship very soon anyway with features I don't know today how they will perform and an estimated bug fix period of 3-4 months if I pay the full price now in advance?

    Help me understand where the benefit is, the marketing mail did not point that out.

  • Radim Horák

    As a loyal customer, if I'm considering switching to a subscription, I get a discount, which when I apply it has no effect, because new (non-loyal) customers also got the same discount. Now I can skip as many versions as I want, and the discount will always be the same in the end.. actually no, the loyal ones will be reduced, the new ones will always get their 30%.
    Hmmm, this is how you value and motivate your loyal customers. It feels like a travesty to me, and although I really like CO, I'm quitting buying CO and will continue with just Lr.
    ps: To sell a pig in a poke is another joke.

  • Eric St-Cyr



    New Capture One user here. The problem is that I thought I bought the perpetual version when I was in school, but my license has expired. Now I can't use it anymore and I'm not rich. I was starting to get used to it. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance! 


    Best regards,


    Eric St-Cyr


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