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Subscriptions, Licenses and Cost of Ownership



  • HD
    Michael Fleck I am playing the game too.
    I am out of C1 until they drop the subscription. I'd rather drop dead than pay a subscription. Photography is my hobby not my money burning machine.
  • Joanne Diochon

    @Michael Fleck. I agree. And fortunately there are other options out there while we wait to see how it all turns out. I’m a passionate amateur not a professional so, lucky for me I don;t depend on my photography to put food on the table.

  • Unikal Photo

    Нічого не зрозуміло, але дуже цікаво)


  • Stephen Waddington

    I've received a 40% off code for Singles Day making a new perpetual licence £179 or a move to an annual subscription for £109. The latter looks to be the better option, but does a subscription mean I'll be locked into paying the full annual price for each subsequent year, or will I still be able to take advantage of future discounts on subscriptions like those offered on Black Friday?


  • Jaron Horst

    "I've received a 40% off code for Singles Day making a new perpetual licence £179" I got that too. Still not worth it IMO. For subscriptions, Adobe is still the best bang for your buck and there are other Perpetual software options (like DxO) which offer more in terms of upgrade support. For me Capture One lost me as a client with their new licensing - 40% isn't nearly enough to get me back as a customer.

  • Stefan Sipl

    I think the bigger problem is that you will have to pay the full price next year. Won't you?

  • Micheal Jennings

    I finally got photomechanic catalog working and use it as my dam, and adobe capture raw is awesome. As for tethering, I downloaded Sony software which works well enough. I am now free of capture one forever.

  • peter riding

    I received yet another offer email a few days ago. Offered 40% off but the management being what they are like these days I needed to drill down into what they are really offering. Nothing on the linked page to quote what a perpetual update costs. Now having gone all around the houses I find that if you bought v22 more than 2 years ago the discount is 20% NOT 40%. I updated on 31st October 2021 (I've been on C1Pro for two decades!) so surprise surprise .....

    I like the software but the current management are laughable.

  • mountainview

    The question regarding the discounted subscription in year two and following could probably be answered by people who are already on a C1 subscription for a while. Could or did they take advantage of any discount offers? As an Adobe subscriber you definitely can ... 

  • Randy Kirk

    I have a perpetual license for Capture1 21 -- and -- a subscription to the latest version. Is it possible to cancel the subscription and downgrade to the v21 version that contains my perpetual license? I don't use many of the newer features and certainly won't mind if certain RAW edits don't "keep" during a downgrade. Primarily I'm interested in having all my *original* files translate seamlessly to the older version, specifically the Fuji RAW compressed files. Has anyone tried a similar downgrade or know whether this works?


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