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Import JPGs only while tethered



  • Chuck Carver

    I would also like to know how to do this when tethering wirelessly between my Z9 and CapOne.

    Shooting Raw+JPEG(basic)

    Raw to Slot 1 / JPEG to Slot 2

    Would like to keep Raw files on card in camera and "tether" the JPEG files to CapOne via wireless to keep transit times fast

  • Denis Huk

    Your post has been hidden for moderation. Please read the pinned post and use the template provided.

    You can edit your post by clicking the "gear" icon on your post and then selecting "edit".

    I understand that rules and guidelines are annoying, but it has to be this way in order to make the requests and feedback usable by our Product Management team, and to ensure that you get the response you deserve.

    Thank you for your time and for directly contributing towards the development of Capture One. We greatly appreciate it.

  • Ryan McDonald

    Exactly what Chuck said. Would love to know how to do this.


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