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    Thodoris Chorianopoulos

    Here’s what Rafael Orta, the CEO of Capture one had to say:

    We have noticed the requests for supporting Hasselblad cameras from our community, and we have responded to them, unfortunately not the answer y’all likely want to hear.

    Providing support for a camera, especially a wonderfully high-end device like the X2D 100C, is not as simple as enabling or disabling via metadata.

    Instead, we work very closely with manufacturers to carefully calibrate colors and lenses, to make sure their files consistently and predictably look beautiful in Capture One, across many different lighting conditions and photography scenarios.

    As you say, the relationship between Phase One and Hasselblad was notoriously antagonistic, and as I’m sure you’ll know from life experience, it takes a second to blow up a bridge and a very long time to rebuild it

    So, I’m not going to say never, but I can’t commit to a timeline either, so for now we’ve taken the stance of openly saying that it’s “Not currently planned”, and we will of course update that information if and when circumstances allow.

    Thanks again for your note and wishing you all the best.

  • Dalton Lim

    Would greatly appreciate if C1 would support Hassleblad X2D camera.

  • Kay Bohlmann

    Please …

  • FirstName LastName

    I would like to see this as well.  I get they are competitors but... not really.  Not for this.  The lack of Hasselblad support doesn't mean I'm buying a Phase One camera.  It means I'm going to use Adobe instead.


  • ettore.causa

    Please add the support for the Hasselblad X series!!

    its a real shame that is still missing!!



  • Enrico Contavalli

    Support the Hasselblad X1D & X2D raw format so that I can finally switch to Capture One.

    Please !!!

  • Bob Kaolan

    I am in a similar situation! 
    I would rather use C1 then Lr but without the Hasselblad X series support i can’t switch!

    I would really appreciate if you could clarify your current position toward the Hasselblad system.

    Thanks and cheers 

  • Eric Korneman

    yes please! I have missed C1 since I switched from Phase to Hassy X
    Eric Korenman


  • Dalton Lim

    Sadly its not currently planned. I wonder how long before will actually decide to provide support. Support for hassy x system has been requested for the longest time but it has always been pushed aside. I can understand the bad blood between hassy and phase one but that is suppose to be history given capture one is separate from phase one. Probably that bad blood is still in their veins hahaha

    Clearly not  a priority. Even Pentax K3 monochrome which is likely a even more niche camera is logged for support.

  • Geoff Goldberg

    Please please.

  • Philippe BOIS


  • Bob Foster

    Please support Hasselblad 3FR and FFF files.

    This would substantially facilitate and speed my workflow.

    Thank you.

  • David Mantripp

    They only support mainstream cameras, you know, like the Leica M11 Monochrom, which got support about 3 days after it was released. Both owners were delighted!

  • Benjamin Kim

    Well, Hasselblad themselves are NOT interested in supporting their cameras so dont expect too much about it.

  • David Mantripp

    it does seem that way.....sometimes.

  • Agostino Maiello

    It'd be greatly appreciated.
    X2D has been a market hit, C1 would definitely become the preferred platform, due to the "just average" quality of the proprietary software currently available.

  • Morten Obbink

    I left capture one since they do not support. x2d

  • Martin Wassmann

    I'm transitioning away from C1 as well do to the lack of support for X2D, but to be fair it's not all up to C1. Hasselblad have to be open to the integration as well. I just hope both companies can see the possible upsides.


  • Loscar Numael

    Another vote. Please consider adding Hasselblad X series cameras. 

  • Claudio Hughes

    Please give support for the Hasselblad X2D! You would get a whole new bunch of clients!

  • Ben Dearnley

    One more vote. Although I like Phocus, it would be interesting to see how C1 renders the X2D and X1DII files. Also it would streamline my workflow because I have to use C1 for my Canon, but Phocus for my Hasselblad. This way I could use one software when I use both cameras on a job.

  • Andreas Weimann

    Please support the x2d & x1d ii! So much more client could be on the C1 horizon!

  • Paul Calver

    I would also love to see this, I do have a work around to shoot Hasselblad Tethered if anyone would like to hear it I'd be happy to share?

  • Kay Bohlmann

    Paul Calver: yes, I would like to know!

  • ettore.causa

    Now that Hasselblad discontinued the H system there is really no "competitor" reason not to support the X system!!!

    Please Capture One!!

  • Paul Calver

    No problem, this is a work around for MacOS users which uses Automator and ExifTool.  You can email me on and I'll share the full setup with you if that sounds like it could be of use?

  • Gross Alexandre

    Please make Capture one compatible with Hasselblad files. My workflow will be improved!

  • yikai zehng

    I really hope to continue using capture, thank you!

  • Achim Meurer

    I can only support my colleges here. Please add the Hasselblad files. I loved working with C1 but you forced me to work with Adobe instead. The day you support the X-System I will be back. Until then, good bye…

  • Matthew Avignone

    I've been a long time user of CaptureOne with all of my nikons from d800, d810, d850 and have now moved on to the Hasselblad X System. I would be truly grateful and would happily purchase another license if you so choose to support the Hasselblad x1d, x1d mk2, and the x2d! Please let's make this happen!!! Much love from Paris. 



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