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Enable the Digit-Count token to create watermarks to show photo numbers




  • Official comment
    David Grover

    Hi Keith,

    You can already so this, using the "Image Name" token as a text watermark.

  • Keith Spurlock

    Thank you David,

    Yes, I am aware of this option, but I want to avoid those long out of sync numbers from 2 cameras like, "_S1R39493, S1-49204, _S1R39502, etc,,,"   After culling the best images for my clients to pick from, I use the Digit counter to the front end to add a simple numbering system starting with "0001" and in numerical order.   While I'm aware I can still use the "Image Name" token, my image names are rather lengthy, i.e. "0001_S1R39502_Someone's Wedding_Copyright Keith Spurlock photography" and I really don't want a long watermark like that on the proofs, just a simple, "0001, 0002. 0003, etc..."  Can you think of a way to do this without having to rename all my digital files from each session?

    I love your Live Tutorials on YouTube David and have learned a lot from you, especially when I have the chance to watch live and ask questions!  You've always answered my inquiries!  Have a good day!


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