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PLEASE VOTE: Request for filtering B&W images



  • woefi

    Yes, B/W should be a filter criterion.

    I also think that it should be possible to enable/disable "Black & White" via shortcut.

  • Wolfgang Kühteubl-Fichtl

    Yes, I always asked myself why you can't filter for B&W photos (or colour only respectively) if there is literally an "Enable B&W" switch ... should be easy to implement.

    My workaround is to give B&W variants the yellow colour label and filter for that afterwards, but there is always the chance to forget to label some images.

  • Olaf Pokorny

    A long time ago I've requested this feature too, but nothing happened until now. I hope, this request here will help...

  • Alexander
    Product Manager

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the post!

    woefi, there is a shortcut for toggling Black and White. It was implemented a few versions ago. Search for "toggle black and white" in the shortcut editor.


  • Akshay Shaha

    The request is for filter in Grid view where we can filter B&W-converted images in C1. Shortcut is for conversion not for filtering.

  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    Alexander .. the black and white tool enabled is a boolean value in the catalog. it would seem easy to add a filter for that to the built-in filters. perhaps not?

    macOS users can use my applescript script to find all the black and white images and apply a keyword to them.

  • Alexander
    Product Manager

    Akshay Shaha, I'm aware. Wolfgang's comment included an ask for a shortcut and I wanted to make sure he knew it's there today.

  • woefi

    Alexander Thank You for pointing out, but yes, I'm already aware that in the meantime the shortcut for b/w conversion has been implemented.

    Nevertheless I also support the original request of this post to filter out b/w images.

  • Aron Farkas

    Yes, please! Missing feature! 🙏🏻


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