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Organize Styles into Folder



  • Martin Tolley

    Fully, massively, totally SUPPORT this. The styles UI is dreadful - opening sub-folders, scrolling, scrolling. Allowing us to "break out" a style folder like a floating tool would go a long way.... or a folder of custom favourites that could be moved to the TOP of the list... the options are endless. After all, the tool menus and layouts are so customizable, but "custom" styles/brushes, pre-sets, not at all.

  • Marc Poirier

    The fact you can't organize your styles into folders is kind of ridiculous these days. Please add this very basic functionality.

  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    Do these suggestions related to C1 provided Style sets, User Styles created over time or, possibly, some combination of both?

  • Martin Tolley

    In my case, any or all of them. For example - Built in presets. Say I use "Soft image sharpening 3" frequently. I have to open Styles and presets, scroll to Built in, then scroll to sharpening, then scroll to ... And that takes up a heap of screen real-estate as well, and then if you want to use more than one style/preset  it gets significanly problematic. I'd like to break out the sharpening submenu (like a floating tool), or at least move it to the top of the built-in presets, or move it to somewhere more appropriate. All options are in alphabetical order as well. So as another example, in style brushes - I don't want dodge and burn to be separated I want them together, and I want both of them at the top of the list, likewise I'd like highlights recover and shadows recover together. I have a work around, copying the built in brushes and saving them as custom brushes with different names etc but it's an untidy mess.

  • Okular

    Without question, individual organization should be possible. But, to the original request, if I understood it correctly. I am a Windows user and here there is at least a relatively simple workaround to organize styles into folders as desired. I would guess that it works similarly under MAC OS.

    You have to go into the user profile with the Windows Explorer: In the path C:\Users\"User-Name"\AppData\Local\CaptureOne there are, among other personal settings, the subfolders \Styles and \Styles50 (could have a different name depending on the C1 version), where the costyle files are stored. With the file manager you can create the desired folders and move/copy the costyles files as you like.
    The same applies to the style brushes, they are in the above mentioned profile in the subfolder \StyleBrushes and can be sorted in the same way.

    Sure, a floating tool or similar cannot be created with it, C1 has to offer that, but the sensible organization of many styles can be achieved with it.

  • Marc Poirier

    You can absolutely do the same on mac by diving into the file path where they are stored but the fact that you can't just right click and add a folder in the interface and drag and drop items around seems like a silly oversight in terms of useability

  • Nick Ingamells

    I agree with all the above. To rearrange customs styles manually on a Mac, in Finder select Go from the menu bar then press Option to reveal the hidden Library folder. The path is then - Library/Application Support/Capture One/Styles. Rearrange to suit then restart C1. My custom presets are in a folder called Presets60 just above.

  • Tibor Gyarmathy

    I would love to have these possibilities/tools. I agreed with the above comments. Come on C1, walk the talk regarding workflow optimization.

  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    I'm not a great Styles user so this does not really concern me much.

    However, as a thought challenge for how to work with a development design, there are certain considerations.

    For User Styles (including copies of Built in styles and presets, as Okular has previously described) there is already the possibility to create and save a folder structure containing the required styles. (There may be some issues about managing those styles and who has the rights to modify them if working in a Multi-User environment but that probably goes beyond the scope being discussed here.)

    For Built in styles that are not copied to be User styles one can still modify the structure (i.e the Style Sets groups) used for delivery as part of the application installation BUT as the next new installation the styles and presets will be re-installed (potentially with some updates for functional compatibility reasons). How should that be dealt with?

    The same goes for Style Packs with the difference that, potentially, they would bot be automatically updates with each update or version upgrade. (I am not sure as I do not have any paid for Packs.)

    It seems to me that the Built-in and Paid-for packs would need to be offered just as they are and it should be left to the user to turn them into User Styles and Presets, sitting alongside their own Styles,  in order to manage how they are grouped (and, as now,  permit multiple copies of the same Style or Preset to make grouping in preferred "sets" simpler? Also to provide consistent use of the Keyboard Shortcut feature.)

    I recall, perhaps a decade or more past, watching some sales video guides for a different product that offered a huge number of styles. Very impressive for Sales purposes. 

    However, in all cases a lot of scrolling was evident (quantity of styles being important for sales?) even though the presenter, using his own images, almost always used exactly the same 2 or 3 styles for all of his images no matter what the content subject matter.

    I think the main pitch was to persuade potential buyers that having a vast selection of styles available was a justification for purchasing the software even though they would be unlikely to use most of what was offered.

    Perhaps the best answer would be to provide an extended "Favourites" function that could be easily managed into Lists and Sub-lists in order to save long-term maintenance of folders and reduce potential duplication issues where individual copies of a "named" Style are modified over time and so become increasingly different for reasons long forgotten?

  • FirstName LastName

    But what can I do if theres no folder named "Capture One" in folder "Application Support"? Where can I find my styles? I already have a lot of styles unstalled.

    This location just dosen't work - Library/Application Support/Capture One/Styles 



  • David Cohen de Lara

    In Finder, go to the 'Go' menu in the top bar while holding Alt. This makes the user's Library appear in the menu. Find Application support there. 


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