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Lightroom import to Capture One - Delete Lightroom Library?



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    Before deleting your Lightroom library, it's essential to ensure that all your images and edits have been successfully imported into Capture One and that you have a backup of your Lightroom catalog. Here are some steps to consider:

    Verify the images: Double-check that all the images from your Lightroom catalog are present and accessible in Capture One. Review different folders and collections to ensure nothing is missing.
    Check edits and adjustments: Open some of the images in Capture One and compare the edits and adjustments to the ones made in Lightroom. Ensure that the adjustments have been accurately carried over.
    Make a backup: Create a backup of your Lightroom catalog file and store it in a safe location. This way, if anything goes wrong or you need to refer back to Lightroom in the future, you'll have a backup copy.
    Test with a small sample: If you're still unsure, you can experiment by deleting a small sample of the Lightroom library and confirming that it doesn't affect the functionality or accessibility of your images in Capture One. Proceed with caution and check the results before deleting the entire library.


    Once you have completed these steps and are confident that all your images and edits are intact in Capture One, you can proceed with deleting the Lightroom library and canceling your Adobe Photography subscription. However, please remember to take necessary precautions and make backups to avoid any potential loss of data.  MyBKExperience Survey Code


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