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  • Christian G
    Product Manager

    Hi Thomas, 

    The DJI Mini 3 is already supported, as it shoots DNG. Do you have anything more specific in mind? 

  • Goran Potkonjak

    Hi Christian
    there is a magenta flair in a middle of the image. Why is that?
    thank you grandlyGoran

  • Laas Tietje

    I would be really glad if there could be a specific lens support for the Mini 3 (Pro) since every single DNG file has to be edited "by hand" because of the vignetting and huge color correction. My not really satisfying workflow until now:

    1. changing from Manufacturer Profile to Generic and setting light falloff to ab 30-45 

    2.New layermask circular, trying to get rid of the (in my eyes) too much green to the edges

    3. Another layer mask (circular) to ged rid of the light spot in the middle and a rest of color temperature in the middle...

    Not really satisfied with the result... looking a bit jealous too the delivered JPG from the drone because no vignette and "equal" colors...

    Hope there will be a better solution because with the JPGs from the drone I really miss quality ...

    Looking forward 👍😉




  • Felix Schmidli

    I have the same question. Even the DNG preview looks better compared to what happens to the file after Capture One reads the image. It is possible to edit them to look decent but all the steps Laas mentioned are necessary. Pleas do something Capture One!


  • Mait Jüriado

    What is the real reason why Capture One can not display Mini 3-4 and Mavic Pro DNG files properly?

    The tools that Laas is suggesting does not give satisfying results!!!

  • Andriejus Radčenko

    Hi guys. It is very sad we can not edit DJI's dng format properly with CaptureOne! I love it so much and here I have to use an 2020 grandpa version of Lightroom who is able...

    Cheers! Looking forward for a Good News!

  • Gunter Binsack

    I made a LCC shooting a white translucent plastic card (at infinity), that gets rid of the vignetting and color-cast (of course the drone is sitting at the ground and not flying). I also tweaked sharpening and noise reduction to be stronger. I saved those settings to a style and automatically apply it upon import of the dng files.

    It works ok. But I definitely would prefer to have the lenses of this and other dji drones be supported by capture one.

    It is more a question of lens support as of file support.

    I tried to upload my style, but it is only allowed to upload pictures.

  • Laas Tietje

    In the meantime I've done the same - to edit a LCC with a white pice of paper in front of the lens. M not really satisfied with that solution, but better and faster than the compromise I did before. I had to make 2 LCC: one for the 12mp and another for the 48 mp version. Unfortunately, when importing I can't see which one is 12 or 48 mp - so I do it the more work intensive way...

    Hope there will be a chance in the near future for help from C1 stuff...

    i ad a screenshot of before and after connecting with my LCC


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