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Nikon Z8




  • Official comment
    Jack W

    Capture One 16.2 was released today and will support this camera.

    See the release notes here:

  • Stephan Russenschuck


    I have a subscription and currently an installation of version 20 on my Mac book running version 10.13. High Sierra. I understand that version C1 23.16 has the support for the Nikon Z8, but version 23 requires an operation system 15 or higher on the mac that I cannot install on my older machine. 

    Is there a solution other than replacing the MAC book, which still work perfectly fine.

    Thanks, Stephan

  • Simon Fidler

    I have exactly the same problem as Stephan with an iMac 11.3, which will not run higher OS than 10.13 High Sierra. I too currently run Capture One 20 and have been a loyal customer since the first release. I tried to run the download of Capture One 23, but it's not compatible with High Sierra, the minimum needed is 10.15, which basically means a new iMac . So are Capture One going to abandon Z8 Nikon users unless they throw away their trusty Mac's?! In an age of sustainability, that does not make sense. Please advise if there is a patch or workaround. Thanks.

    In frustration, Simon

  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    Mac seems to be slightly ahead of the game with forced hardware upgrades but Windows is not far behind with its obsolescence policies.

    Nothing makes sense in the so-called Age of Sustainability. 

    It does not exist as one can discover after rubbing the surface of the subject very lightly. You don't even have to scratch it.

    For example, do you really need a Nikon Z8?

    I have Canons. Old Canons. Old lenses, though from the point in digital technology development where standards were getting pretty good. I cannot justify the unsustainable waste of buying new equipment.

    There are plenty of options around to obtain good, lightly used bodies that are newer than the ones I have and supported by existing software. 


    As an article I read recently pointed out, there is not really that much new in the digital camera market other than forced changes a la Canon and the whole mirrorless movement. This, in part, is why the sales of new, non-phone, cameras have been declining so rapidly in recent years.

    It's the same with printers.


    Old ink cartridges start to become unobtainable and Apple, Microsoft, et al., stop supporting older printers in new releases of software  - probably because only a few thousand of each model of older printer still exist.

    New printers are not supported by older applications running on older computers. It's the same for so much of the technical progress that we all think we have been making in the current century. 

    We can see the same sort of trends with vehicles, household appliances and everything else.

    The concept of making something supportable "forever", as was once possible (though not necessarily inexpensive to achieve) is barely applicable now.

    I guess you could ask Apple to allow older systems to support newer versions of their OS. That would seem to be the most obvious way forward to make sure your hardware can live a full and effective life without, at some point, some software, whether C1 or something else, making it unusable for your present needs. 

    No matter what people want us to think, the modern world's so-called economy is not in any way viable based on "sustainability" without passing through a very painful mess first. Trusted older computer will be of limited use through that journey.  Newer ones may be little better, but that's a different discussion.



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